Report: Sanitation Worker Accused Of Punching Cab Driver In East HarlemA New York City sanitation worker has been charged with assault, reportedly on allegations that he punched a cab driver who complained that a garbage truck was blocking the road in East Harlem.
Cabbie Returns Christmas Presents Left In Trunk To Bronx FamilyMatilda Garcia, 57, mistakenly left four bagfuls of wrapped presents in the trunk of Moustapha Bah's cab on Christmas Eve.
Cab Driver Who Struck British Tourist In Midtown Won't Face ChargesSian Green, 23, of Leicester, England was struck when the taxi jumped a curb at Sixth Ave near Radio City Music Hall on Aug. 20. She was rushed into surgery, but doctors couldn’t save her left foot.
Tourist Who Lost Foot In Midtown Taxi Accident Now Back In U.K.Sian Green, the tourist who lost her foot when a cab jumped the curb and slammed into her in Midtown, has returned home to the U.K.
Cab Driver Who Crashed Into British Tourist Can Get Back Behind The Wheel
Did Behind-The-Wheel Stress Play A Role In Midtown Accident?Mohammed Himon said that he isn't a bad driver and that obstacles and other challenges played a part in the wild accident.
Cabbies, TLC Discount App That Lets Riders Track Shortest RouteThe free app, called Taxi Turvi, uses GPS technology to let riders see if the cab driver took the shorter, cheaper route at the end of the fare.
Cabbie Loses License For Tossing Passenger Into Street In MidtownA cabbie lost his license Tuesday, after he was caught on videotape grabbing a passenger from the back seat of his taxi and hurling him onto the street.
2 NYC Taxi Medallions Sell For $1 Million EachThe sale makes the amount the highest price on record since the city began issuing them back in 1937.
Long Island Cabbie Charged With Endangering ChildA Long Island cab driver is accused of leaving a 7-year-old boy with special needs alone on a street.
NJ Police Arrest Suspect In Brutal Cabbie KillingNew Jersey police say they’ve captured the man behind last week’s cold-blooded killing of a cab driver.