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Study Finds High Cellphone Use May Lead To ADHD In TeensAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is on the rise and now a new study suggests that might be due to excessive smartphone use.
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Seen At 11: Restaurants Offer Incentives For Diners To Drop Their DevicesImagine making money simply for having good manners. In some restaurants, diners are being offered incentives for their good table manners.
9 Accused In Drug Smuggling Ring At Essex County Correctional FacilityFBI agents rounded up nine suspects who allegedly ran a contraband marketplace, smuggling drugs and cellphones into a federal pretrial detention facility at the Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark.
Suspects Made Off With Cash, Cell Phone In Violent Robbery Near ColumbiaSurveillance cameras captured two possible suspects entering the building at West 111th Street near Broadway on Monday night.
Study: Parents Should Limit Children's Use Of Social Media, SmartphonesA leading group of pediatricians says parents need to know that unrestricted use of smartphones and social media could have serious consequences for their kids.
Experts' Warning: Hackers Can Get Into Your Smartphone Through ChargersWhen your smartphone battery is on its last legs, a public cell phone charging station can be like spotting an oasis.
Survey Finds Internet Makes People Rude; New Yorkers AgreeA recent national survey called rudeness a "national crisis," with 70 percent of respondents blaming technology for the spike in disrespect.
Schumer: Cheap Cellphone Batteries Can Lead To ExplosionsU.S. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) warned Sunday that poorly made cellphone batteries can lead to phones overheating and exploding.