New Jersey Middle School Monitoring 2 Cases Of Whooping CoughChatham Middle School reports one confirmed and one suspected case of pertussis, or whooping cough.
Old Doors Make An Appealing Target For Home Invasions, Police WarnThe victims of a brazen burglary have a warning for other New Jersey homeowners.
Authorities Probe New Jersey Helicopter CrashChopper 2 was over the scene in Chatham, where the 1,500 pound helicopter made a hard emergency landing around 6:30 p.m Friday.
Helicopter Makes Crash Landing On Main Street In Chatham, N.J.The Robinson R44 was traveling from Richmond, Virginia to Lincoln Park, New Jersey when it came down in the parking lot of an apartment complex, narrowly missing the residential buildings and the people inside.
Students In Chatham To Face Random Breathalyzer Tests At School EventsA controversial new test may soon be given to students at a New Jersey high school.
$24.8 School Renovation Plan Turns Chatham, N.J. Neighbors Into Bitter RivalsNew Jersey neighbors have been pitted against each other over an expensive school renovation proposal in Chatham.
Man Confronts Burglar Near Bedroom In Latest Chatham Break-InWhile police have not yet linked all of the crimes there have been some similarities. The burglars have entered through unlocked doors and window while residents are asleep inside.
Chatham Burglaries Leave Residents Worried Some homeowners in Chatham, New Jersey, are feeling unnerved and on edge after a series of burglaries.
Former Janitor Gets Life In Prison In Murder Of Rev. Edward HindsJose Feliciano stabbed Rev. Edward Hinds 44 times inside the rectory of St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Chatham after the priest fired him, prosecutors said.
Pharmacist: Misleading CVS Caremark Card May Have Led To Cancer Pill-Fluoride Mix-UpCVS Pharmacy is the second largest drug store chain in the United States. So to hear about a major medication mix-up at its location in Chatham, N.J., has a lot of people who live in that area on edge.
Children's Medication Mixed-Up With Cancer Drugs At CVS Pharmacy In N.J. CVS pharmacy said its Chatham location may have given as many as 50 families the breast cancer fighting drug Tamoxifen, instead of fluoride tablets for children, over the last 60 days.