Federal Agents Seize Thousands Of Counterfeit Handbags, Purses Headed For NYCU.S. customs officials released pictures of some of the 450 bags and 2,600 coin purses – all bearing famous brand names including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel.
Trump Suggests Ukraine, China Should Investigate BidensThe president's comments came as Kurt Volker, the former special envoy who resigned abruptly last week, appeared before House lawmakers for an interview regarding his dealings with Ukraine.
U.S. Citizen Arrested In California, Charged With Spying For ChinaA U.S. citizen has been arrested for allegedly spying for the People's Republic of China, the Justice Department and FBI announced Monday.
Experts Say New Tariffs On Products From China Could Cost Average American Household $1,000 Per YearYou might soon have to pay more to buy many common goods. New tariffs on hundreds of products from China went into effect over the weekend.
President Trump Retaliates In Trade War, Boosts Tariffs On Chinese ImportsTrump tweeted on Friday that his administration will boost tariffs on $550 billion in Chinese imports in retaliation for China's decision on Friday to hike trade levies on $75 billion in U.S. products.
Dow Drops More Than 750 Points As China Trade War Heats UpStocks plummeted on Monday after China escalated its trade battle with the U.S. by letting its currency sink to an 11-year low.
Schumer Calls For Closer Look At Chinese-Made Subway Systems, Cyber-Security RisksSen. Chuck Schumer is calling on the Commerce Department to look into a Chinese state-owned company selling subway operations systems and if they pose a cyber-security risk.
Chinese Exporters Scramble To Cope With US TariffsChinese exporters were scrambling Monday to cope with a plunge in U.S. sales.
U.S. Imposes Tariff On Chinese Imports; Beijing Fires BackThe Trump administration has been threatening trade tariffs on China, and this morning it became a reality.
Caught on Camera: Ceiling Collapse Over Escalator In ChinaA terrifying scene was caught on camera in China when a ceiling collapsed onto an escalator Sunday afternoon.
Kudlow: U.S. Talks With China Making 'Terrific Progress' To Avoid Trade WarA policy expect voiced optimism that President Trump's line on the U.S. trade deficit will not lead to a trade war with the economic powerhouse.
China Assigns Every Citizen A 'Social Credit Score' To Identify Who Is And Isn't TrustworthyChina is rolling out a high-tech plan to give all of its 1.4 billion citizens a personal score, based on how they behave. But there are consequences if a score gets too low, and for some that's cause for concern.
Trump Administration ‘Optimistic’ About Trade Negotiations With ChinaChina’s foreign ministry said in a statement, “We do not want to fight, but we are not afraid to fight a trade war.”
President Trump Gives Few Details On Plans For China, MexicoPresident Donald Trump addressed a tax reform roundtable Thursday in West Virginia, where he spoke about the tariff threats, the back-and-forth with China and the U.S.-Mexico border.
Wall Street Has Another Wild Day As Fears Mount Over Trade WarPresident Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday, “we are not in a trade war with China.”