Claiming Public Pressure, New Jersey Town Considers Ending Columbus Day CelebrationsIn Glen Rock, Columbus Day is out and "Indigenous People's Day" is in - maybe.
Italian-American Groups Call For Christopher Columbus Statue In Columbus Circle To Be LandmarkedThe statue has been the subject of recent controversy regarding Columbus' treatment of indigenous peoples. 
‘The Whole Argument Is Stupid,’ Teens Weigh-In On Columbus Statue DebateMayor Bill de Blasio's commission on art and monuments heard it from New Yorkers at its latest public hearing on whether some controversial statues should stay or go.
CUNY Instructor Calls For Removal Of Columbus, Teddy Roosevelt StatuesA public hearing was held in Manhattan to give New Yorkers a chance to weigh-in on the statue removal debate.
Columbus Supporters Demand Mayor’s Statue Review Commission Be DisbandedThe Christopher Columbus Preservation Coalition calls the commission's public hearings "a lightning rod for hatred and acrimony" that will "serve no useful purpose."
NYC Commission Reviewing Controversial Monuments Holds First Public HearingThe public will get its first chance to voice their concerns about several controversial monuments throughout the city before a special commission appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio.
NYC Launches Online Survey Regarding Controversial StatuesThe public is getting a chance to help decide the fate of controversial statues and plaques in New York City.
NYC Monuments Review Commission Holds First Meeting Behind Closed DoorsThe commission will work to come up with a proposal as to which controversial monuments in the city they believe should stay and which should go.
Columbus Day Parade Marches Up Fifth Avenue Amid Debate Over Honoring ExplorerAbout 35,000 people are expected to march in Monday's parade. 
Local Lawmakers Rally To Defend Columbus Circle Statue Amid Growing ControversySunday's rally started out as planned, then three protesters -- two dressed in faux chains, with the third wearing a Klan outfit -- tried to disrupt the proceedings.
Actor Chazz Palminteri Pulls Out Of De Blasio Event As Columbus Fallout ContinuesA group of Italian-American organizations has released a list of elected officials who they say “do” and “don’t” support preserving statues of Christopher Columbus.