Thousands March Across Brooklyn Bridge For Anti-Hate Rally In Support Of Jewish CommunityThe NYPD says there have been at least 14 reported anti-Semitic attacks in the last two weeks.
Sen. Schumer Issues Warning About Recalled Products From T.J. Maxx, OthersA consumer warning was issued to shoppers on Sunday. Recalled items could be sitting under your Christmas tree.
Schumer Calling On Phone Carriers To Help Stop RobocallsThe New York senator says he wants to crackdown on robocall scams, especially during the holidays.
Schumer Sends Letter To McConnell To Set Framework For Senate Impeachment TrialThe House of Representatives is expected to vote on two articles of impeachment against President Trump this week.
Schumer Calls On FAA To Complete Overdue Airline Legroom StudySchumer worries that without federal action, airlines could shrink seating even more and create safety issues.
Long Island Farmers Feeling The Pinch Of Nationwide Potato ShortageWhile it remains to be seen if that translates into a shortage of French fries, one thing is clear, potato farmers have it tough – including ones on Long Island.
Sen. Chuck Schumer, Secret Service Issue Alert About Counterfeit Money During Holiday Shopping SeasonThere's been a 25% increase in the passing of the hard-to-detect motion picture bills, according to law enforcement.
Schumer: Airlines Must Let Kids Sit With Their ParentsSen. Charles Schumer says airlines lack policies assuring children can sit with their parents, despite 2016 legislation requiring the federal Department of Transportation to enact a universal family-friendly seating policy.
Schumer Implores Feds To Release Report Showing If Stop Sign Cameras On School Buses Save LivesA new state law would let school districts install cameras on their bus stop signs, to catch drivers that don't stop. However, Sen. Chuck Schumer said many districts can't afford to install the technology.
Sen. Chuck Schumer Pushing For Clean Cars On New York StreetsSen. Chuck Schumer is proposing a national plan that he says would save new car buyers money.
Sen. Schumer Optimistic On Possible Repeal Of $10,000 Cap On SALT DeductionsHomeowners who pay high property taxes, like many in the Tri-State Area, were hit hard by the tax overhaul bill passed in 2017.