NYC Wants $600 Million From Tech Giant In CityTime Payroll System ScandalFederal prosecutors have said that nearly the entire sum the city spent on the project was tainted by an epic fraud that involved hundreds of contractors, systemic overbilling and an international money-laundering conspiracy.
Mayor Bloomberg Talks Payroll Project Scandal"Nobody paid as much attention to it as they should have -- from me on down," Bloomberg said after a graduation ceremony at Gracie Mansion.
Feds: $600M-Plus Of NYC's 'CityTime' Payroll Project Was TaintedU.S. Attorney Preet Bharara called the fraud "epic in duration, magnitude and scope." Prosecutors previously had put the figure at about $85 million.
Former Payroll Consultant Arrested In NY ScandalThe project manager who developed New York City's troubled CityTime payroll system has been arrested on charges that he received at least $5 million in kickbacks for his work.
NYC Payroll Project Manager Gerard Denault Fired For Falsifying Own TimesheetsThe project manager who developed the long-delayed and costly CityTime payroll system has been fired for ripping off the city by paying himself for hours that he did not work.
New York City Cutting Back On Outside ConsultantsWhat is the opposite of outsourcing? Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith calls it insourcing.
Bloomberg: Alleged Fraud Slipped Through CracksBloomberg said Friday on his weekly radio show that the alleged fraud should have been detected earlier. But he said the city can't investigate everything at all times.
NYC Consultants Deny Kickback ChargesMayor Michael Bloomberg called the arrests "very disturbing news." The CityTime system has been plagued with huge cost overruns.