Prosecutors Expected To Wrap Up Case Against Roger ClemensThe trial is entering its seventh week. Clemens' lawyers say they will need seven or eight court days to put on their defense.
Clemens Judge: Reluctant Witness David Segui 'Better Be Here'In a brushback reminiscent of Roger Clemens the pitcher, U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton had a message for former major leaguer David Segui if he defies a prosecution subpoena to testify in the trial.
Prosecution Nearing End Of Its Case In Roger Clemens Retrial Judge Walton has told the parties if the trial isn't done by June 8, he might have to recess it for a month because of scheduling conflicts.
Calling Barry Bonds: Roger Clemens Mistrial Is Deja Vu All Over AgainSeems you can't put an MLB star on trial without a mistrial. Barry Bonds and former Yankees star Roger Clemens remain perfectly bookended, each with seven major awards, one mistrial and no guilty verdict assured of sticking.
Judge Declares Mistrial In Roger Clemens Perjury CaseThe judge presiding over Roger Clemens' perjury trial has declared a mistrial over over inadmissible evidence shown to jurors that could have prejudiced them against the former Yankees star.
Roger Clemens' Defense: Evidence Of DNA, Steroids FakedProsecutors said Wednesday that needles and cotton balls Brian McNamee used to inject Roger Clemens tested positive for Clemens' DNA and anabolic steroids. As for Clemens' defense? They say the evidence was faked.
Roger Clemens' Lawyer Irks Judge; Prosecutor Says DNA, Steroids Found On NeedlesRoger Clemens' lead lawyer, Rusty Hardin, found out the hard way that U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton isn't to be messed with. In preliminary discussions before the jury arrived Wednesday, Walton reacted sharply when Hardin appeared to refer to the proceedings as a "circus."
Roger Clemens Plans To Question Validity Of Mitchell Report HearingRoger Clemens' attorney revealed Tuesday that the former Yankees star plans to begin his perjury defense by questioning lawmakers' investigation into the Mitchell Report.
Roger Clemens Trial: Ex-Yankees Star Not Getting Much Love From Jury Pool Former Yankees fireballer Roger Clemens is in the midst of a tedious and humbling process that is one of the most important parts of his trial on charges of lying about drug use — selecting the jury members who will decide his fate.
Supreme Court Won't Revive Roger Clemens' Suit Against Brian McNameeThe high court on Tuesday refused to hear an appeal from former Yankees star Roger Clemens, who has an upcoming perjury trial in Washington, regarding his former trainer Brian McNamee.
Judge Delays Trial Until July For Ex-Yankee ClemensA judge on Wednesday postponed the trial of ex-Yankee Roger Clemens for three months until July so his attorneys can review the voluminous evidence generated during a 2½-year investigation into whether he lied about using performance enhancing drugs.