12/11 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather Headlines
12/10 CBS2 Wednesday Evening Weather HeadlinesA steady band of light, but blowing snow has set up from Western New Jersey all the way out to the far end of Long Island.
12/1 CBS2 Monday Evening Weather HeadlinesA little light-moderate rain is falling over the Tri-State right now. This will persist for just a few more hours. So if you're on your way home, just know the next little bit coule be slow going!
11/22 CBS2 Saturday Morning Weather Headlines
11/21 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather HeadlinesAfter a brief warm-up yesterday, we're socked back into the cold temperatures for your Friday.
11/15 CBS2 Saturday Evening Weather HeadlinesClouds will roll in tonight and we can expect low temperatures dropping into the low 30s for the NYC area and mid-20s for our northwestern suburbs.
11/15 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesMake sure you dress warmly as you step outside today. Despite plentiful sunshine, we can expect a high around 41 degrees for the City, and stuck in the 30s for the northwest 'burbs.
11/14 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather HeadlinesIf you have early drive this morning, you're going to want some extra time. Everyone is driving in some slick conditions for the first time since last spring.
11/13 CBS2 Thursday Evening Weather Headlines Today started out on a sunny and clear note, but clouds and chilly temps overtook the area by mid-afternoon. Light rain is starting to fall in New Jersey and Long Island, while some wet flakes are overtaking a few towns to the north.
11/7 CBS2 Friday Evening & Weekend Weather HeadlinesToday was a bona fide chilly one. Winds picked up as the day went on and kept our real feel temps in the 40s. A few towns in our northern most fringes did not escape the 30s!
Meteorologists Forecast Polar Plunge For Tri-State Area Next WeekThe colder temperatures are expected to hit the area next Wednesday and Thursday due to a jet stream that will take a huge dip into the eastern United States.