Bail Reform: Jordan Randolph Indicted In Crash That Killed Long Island Man, 'I'll Be Out Tomorrow'Randolph is accused of drunk driving in a Jan. 12 crash that killed 27-year-old Jonathan Flores-Maldonado.
Bail Reform: Law Enforcement On Long Island Band Together To Recommend ChangesThere is a new chorus of calls for changes to bail reform in New York state, just three weeks after it took effect.
Bail Reform: Backlash Growing After Mounting Number Of Immediate Repeat OffendersFamilies and judges are grappling over the issue of bail reform, and one family worries their son is becoming the poster child for what's wrong with changes in the criminal justice system.
Exclusive: Long Island Family Blames College Graduate Son's Death On Bail ReformA devastated family says their son was killed in a crash with a drunk driver who should've never been on the road. And they're blaming bail reform for putting him there.
Bail Reform: NYC Public Advocate Holds Rally To Dispel Myths About New LawSupporters of the state's new bail reform policy gathered Tuesday to address what they call misinformation about bail reform.
Bail Reform: Cuomo Admits New Law Needs To Be RevampedGov. Andrew Cuomo has become the latest politician to jump off the no-cash bail bandwagon.
Gov. Murphy Restores Voting Rights For Roughly 80,000 ConvictsThe governor say the initiatives are part of what he calls his Second Chance agenda.
Talking Points: What's Next For Criminal Justice Reform In New York?Saima Anjam, vice president of the Parkside Group, and CBSN New York’s urban affairs expert Mark Peters joined political reporter Marcia Kramer to discuss the effects.
Point Of View: Incoming Queens DA Melinda Katz On Criminal Justice ReformKatz will have to hit the ground running, enforcing brand new criminal justice reforms set by the state, as even more proposals go before the Legislature in January.
Bail Reform: Law Enforcement Officials Voice Concerns Over New York's Criminal Justice ChangesStarting January 1, the state will eliminate cash bail and pretrial detention for most low-level offenses. Meaning, some accused criminals will be released on their signature.
Bail Reform: President Trump Takes Aim At New York's Plan, Mayor De Blasio Fires BackNew York State’s bail reform law takes effect on Jan. 1., eliminating cash bail for hundreds of misdemeanor and non-violent felony offenses.