Giants Great Lawrence Taylor: 'I Had No Discipline'Taylor says football always came easy for him. But life? That's been difficult for the Hall of Famer to manage.
B&C Morning Show: Boomer's Old Pal Cris Collinsworth Pays A Visit After countless encounters on the phone through the years, Al Dukes arranged to have Boomer's old pass-catching mate Cris Collinsworth in the Allstate Studio for a little face-to-face sit-down with Boomer & Craig.
Keidel: Jets Stuck On The RunwayWith everything to gain or lose, the Jets chose the latter. Last night wasn’t about tactics; it was about temerity. The Patriots wanted it more. Much more. There’s no other way to explain the score despite the disparity in talent.
B&C Morning Show: Tuesday's Podcast & Moment Of The DayWith a visit from Dhani Jones and a call from Cris Collinsworth, today's 9 a.m. hour was a little crazy. With that said, an executive decision was made to make Jerry Recco's highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day' a 'web-exclusive'.
B&C Morning Show: Cris Collinsworth Gets A Unique IntroductionAs luck would have it, just before Cris Collinsworth joined the Program, Craig had morphed into his 'alter-Tom Coughlin-ego'. The transformation turned into what could only be described as a rather unique introduction.
B&C Morning Show: Cris Collinsworth Makes Some Time For Boomer & CartonBoomer's old pass-catching mate Cris Collinsworth found time in his very busy schedule to join Boomer & Craig for a few minutes on Thursday.
Keidel: Lawrence Taylor Or Michael Vick - Who's Your Favorite Bad Guy?Some of you are appalled by the applause Lawrence Taylor recently received at the Meadowlands. I respect your opinion – as long as you’re not wearing a Michael Vick jersey when you express it.
B&C Show Blog & Audio: Rex At Top Of The HeapAfter their second straight loss at home, Boomer warns the Knicks that they’d better ‘shape-up’ otherwise a ‘shake-up’ could be coming in the form of Carmelo Anthony. With that out of the way, Craig was then free to talk about Rex Ryan's Jets.
B&C Show Blog & Audio: Leave 'Em Out Or Put 'Em InThe baseball writers voted two players, Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar, into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday - but the story here is those that did not make the cut.
Hot Topic: December 22In New York, one never knows what out-there story will grace the front page of their favorite local tabloid. It's really, really hard to shock the Boomer & Carton crew.
B&C Show Blog & Audio: Crazy Football SundayTo say it was a crazy Sunday of football would be an understatement, but here goes. It was a crazy Sunday of football.