San Diego Zoo's Cheetah Cub Plays with ALL The Toys, Makes New FriendsThis cuddly cheetah named Roketi is the newest addition to the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park -- and the three-month-old cat is now starting to spend time with some unlikely companions.
Endangered Pygmy Hippo Born At Tampa Zoo Awaits Gender RevealAfter anxiously waiting throughout the month of November, Zsa Zsa the zoo's endangered pygmy hippo has finally given birth just in time for the holiday season and her newborn is the cutest thing ever!
Happy World Animal Day: Look At These Adorable Baby Chameleons!Just in time for World Animal Day, three colorful and adorably tiny chameleons were hatched at the U.K.'s Chester Zoo in late August to proud mom "Ruby."
Fiona the Baby Hippo Is Making Some Major MovesFiona became an instant online superstar when the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden decided to document her struggle. Now at 8-months-old, Fiona has been reaching some important milestones.
These Adorable Pandas Just Turned OneHappy birthday to these adorable baby pandas! Ya Lun and Xi Lun at Zoo Atlanta in Georgia just turned one on Wednesday.
Baby Rhino Explores New Enclosure with Mom Following Close BehindThere's nothing as powerful as a mother's love... and there's nothing cuter than this baby white rhino exploring his enclosure at Chile's Buin Zoo.
Adorable Baby Flamingo Gifted Custom-Made Shoes From ZooSquish, a now 2-month-old baby flamingo, was rescued by zoo keepers at Jurong Bird Park in Singapore and is learning to walk by roaming around the park. When they came upon Squish, he was just an egg. The zookeepers incubated the egg for a full month in a special facility until he was ready to hatch.
Rescued Sparrow Flies Home to Adoptive Parents Every NightA couple who recently moved into a new home discovered a baby sparrow that had fallen out of her nest. They took the bird in and named her Sandy. But even though she has the freedom to fly with the other birds in the neighborhood all day long, every night, Sandy returns home to Sierra and Doug.
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