Eric Garner Protesters Arrested Outside Gracie Mansion, De Blasio's Calls For Patience RefusedCrowds gathered at Gracie Mansion on the Upper East Side, two days after it was announced no federal charges would be filed against the NYPD officer accused of using a chokehold on Garner
Eric Garner Supporters Attack Mayor De Blasio's Inaction, Refusal To Make Firing Decision On NYPD OfficerThe mayor is instead placing the blame on federal officials and punting the decision about the officer’s fate to the NYPD commissioner.
Eric Garner's Mother Says Mayor De Blasio Needs To 'Step Up' And Fire OfficerToday marks five years since Garner's death. Yesterday, the Department of Justice declined to file civil rights charges in the case.
Feds Will Not File Civil Rights Charges Against NYPD Officers In Eric Garner's Chokehold DeathTomorrow marks five years since Garner’s death. It’s also the deadline for the U.S. Department of Justice to make its decision.
Former Department Of Investigation Chief Talks On DOJ's Eric Garner DecisionMark Peters, the former Department of Investigation chief from 2014 to 2018, talks with CBSN New York's Dana Tyler about the Department of Justice decision not to pursue charges around Eric Garner's death.
Closing Arguments Set To Begin In Trial Of NYPD Officer Accused In Eric Garner’s DeathClosing arguments are set to begin Thursday in the departmental trial of NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who is accused in the death of Eric Garner.
Disciplinary Trial Resumes For NYPD Officer Accused In Eric Garner's DeathThe defense is expected to call a medical examiner from St. Louis to refute the New York City medical examiner’s testimony a chokehold used by Pantaleo contributed to Garner’s death in 2014 on Staten Island.
Pantaleo Trial In Death Of Eric Garner On Hold, Witness Says Records Exaggerated CrimeThe departmental trial of the officer accused in the death of Eric Garner has entered a two-week delay since the defense wants to call an expert medical witness who's currently unavailable.
Disciplinary Trial Begins For Officer In Eric Garner's DeathIt's been nearly five years since Eric Garner's death, and now a long awaited disciplinary trial has begun to learn whether Officer Daniel Pantaleo will keep his position with the NYPD for his involvement.
Departmental Trial Set To Begin For Officer In Eric Garner's DeathA departmental trial is set to begin Monday for the NYPD officer accused in the chokehold death of Eric Garner on Staten Island.
Hearing Held For Officer Accused In Choking Death Of Eric GarnerThursday marked the beginning of an administrative trial process within the NYPD for the officer accused in the death of Eric Garner, a man police attempted to arrest for selling loose cigarettes.