Proposed Amendment Would Allow NJ Governor To Retain Powers When TravelingAssemblyman Declan O'Scanlon, R-Monmouth, said the 1947 amendment was approved at a time when communication was more challenging.
Proposed Legislation Would Protect NJ Drivers From Out-Of-State Speed, Red Light CamerasNew Jersey drivers may no longer have to worry about out-of-state speed and red light cameras.
New Jersey Boosts Fines For Left Lane Hogs; Worst Case? $300Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation Wednesday increasing the fine for failing to keep right or failure to observe traffic lanes.
New Jersey's Red Light Cameras Remain In Effect, As Measure To Reform System StallsThe sponsor of a measure to reform the system has put it on hold after police and engineering officials called for changes to rules about the duration of yellow lights and the elimination of tickets for failing to make a complete stop before turning right on red.
Assemblyman: Some NJ Red Light Camera Contacts Go Beyond Pilot ProgramOne New Jersey Assemblyman noticed something when he was pouring over the agreements between municipalities and red light camera operators.
NJ Lawmaker To Introduce Bill Increasing Length Of Yellow Lights At IntersectionsDrivers in the Garden State said they're facing a problem at red light cameras -- not being able to make it through the yellow fast enough.
Monmouth Co. Assemblyman Tries To Help Medical Marijuana Facilities OpenIt’s been a tough go for state approved medical marijuana facilities trying to open in New Jersey.
NJ Assemblyman Questioning Use Of Red Light Cameras After Footage Of Crashes Posted On YouTubeIn several cases, drivers can be seen going through red lights and then slamming on their brakes to avoid a collision with another car.