Straphangers Perplexed After Mysterious Sand Pile Covers Subway PlatformSo how did it get there, and why wasn't it cleaned up right away? For some, it was just another day at the beach for the MTA.
Demanding Answers: Ticket Trap Or Danger Deterrent At Holland Tunnel?Drivers stuck in gridlock near the Holland Tunnel say the NYPD is setting them up for costly tickets. 
Demanding Answers: Illegal Towing In The Bronx Leads To Hefty Prices To Pay For DriversA Bronx business is accused of turning a section of sidewalk into its own private driveway. And the illegal towing that follows is costing innocent drivers hundreds of dollars in fees.
Demanding Answers: City Finally Repairs Damaged Sidewalk In QueensTwo weeks ago, we reported multiple locations across Queens where city-owned trees uprooted during storms back in March.
Truck Blocking East New York Bus Stop Suddenly Gets Expired License PlatesA day after CBS2 reported on a truck parked illegally and blocking a bus stop in East New York, the vehicle now has expired license plates on it - a change that switches which city department is responsible for moving it away.
Demanding Answers: Truck Dangerously Parked At East New York Bus Stop Creating A StirA box truck is causing a potentially dangerous situation in Brooklyn.   
Demanding Answers: What's Being Done About Damaged Sidewalks In Queens?More than 100 sidewalks are damaged and dislodged in Queens, the problem stems from a storm in March.
Lawmakers, Activists Want Albany To Fast-Track Funding For Transit RepairsA subway station ceiling collapse attracted the attention of lawmakers, who are calling for immediate funding to fix the struggling transit system.