Tightened Security Measures Coming For International Flights Into U.S.The Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday announced new airline security measures for flights coming into the United States.
Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson Testifies That Russia Interfered With Presidential ElectionJohnson called the Russians' efforts to meddle in our elections "unprecedented," but testified that Vladimir Putin's cyber attacks did not reach the voting booth.
American Airlines Passenger Detained In Honolulu Following Disturbance On FlightAmerican Airlines said in a statement that Flight 31 from Los Angeles to Honolulu landed safely at 11:35 a.m. Hawaii time.
Homeland Security Asks Trucking Companies To Help Prevent Terror AttacksBetween 2014 and April of this year, terrorists committed 17 vehicle ramming attacks -- 173 people died, almost 700 were injured.
Most Electronics Now Banned In Carry-On Bags From Flights To US From 8 CountriesThe ban goes into effect on Tuesday for nonstop flights to the U.S. from airlines based in Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Quatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.
Schumer: Transit Workers Should Be Checked Against Terror Watch ListsSchumer says it's "shocking that this commonsense safety gap was never closed.''
CBS2 Exclusive: Ride-Along With Police In Nassau County Counterfeit Goods BustCBS2 was given rare access Monday to a joint operation between Nassau County police and the Department of Homeland security, targeting counterfeit items at retail shops.
Homeland Security To Begin Massive Study On Subway Airflow Starting Monday, a massive study will begin to examine the airflow through tunnels in the New York subway in case they're ever targeted in a terror attack.
DHS To Conduct Study On How Contaminants Might Move In Subway AirA unit of the Department of Homeland Security will conduct a weeklong study on airflow in the New York City subway system beginning Monday.
New Jersey Gets 9-Month Extension To Comply With Real ID ActThe state of New Jersey has been given a nine-month extension to have its drivers' licenses meet national proof-of-identity requirements.
DHS Grants Extension To New York State For Real ID Compliance ActThe U.S. Department of Homeland Security has granted New York state a one-year extension to meet the standards for the Real ID Act.