Safe Driving Campaign Focused On New York's Move Over Law Resumes Across StateThe ongoing initiative Operation Hard Hat aims to prevent speeding and distracted driving near work areas.
While Mayor Says Closing NYC Streets Needed For Rise In Bike Riders, Actual Numbers Tell Another StoryMore city streets are being closed to cars, and the city plans to add more bike lanes for people to use during the pandemic, but some commuters are worried what that will do to traffic once things start to reopen.
5-Year-Old And Grandmother's Deaths Sparks Call For Change At Dangerous IntersectionStunned neighbors were distraught to learn a crash Thursday afternoon in Chester killed their friend 73-year-old Mariamma Thomas and her five-year-old granddaughter.
Midtown’s Crowded Sidewalks Have Some Pedestrians, Cyclists Putting Themselves In DangerIt’s chaos on the concrete. CBS2’s cameras caught pedestrians running in the bike lane during rush hour at Eighth Avenue and 45th Street.
Red Hook Citi Bike Station To Be Moved After Getting In The Way Of Bus, TrucksSome trucks traveling through Red Hook, Brooklyn have run into a problem.
Major Trash Backlog Persists In NYC 8 Days After SnowstormFriday marked eight days since a snowstorm struck New York City, and the city was still dealing with it.
Demanding Answers: Forest Hills Residents Say It's Taken Weeks To Get Roads Re-PavedWith bumps, pebbles, and sidewalk ledges about two extra inches deep, street milling can wear on your patience and your wheels.
CBS2 Gets Results: City Repaints Illegal Parking Spot That Gave Drivers Headaches The city has repainted the pavement at Asch Loop and Adler Place in Co-Op City.
Officials: NYC Traffic Deaths Drop To Record Low, Pedestrian Deaths UpMayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday that the downward trend in traffic deaths shows his Vision Zero traffic-safety campaign is working.
NYC 2016 Gridlock Alert Days For Holiday SeasonOn Gridlock Alert Days, the DOT recommends walking, biking or taking public transportation when traveling for work, shopping or recreation.
CBS2 Demanding Answers: Why Are So Many New York City Streets In Such Poor Condition?CBS2 asked transportation officials on Thursday why a first-class city such as New York has to put up with such third-world streets.