Diabetes Treatment And New Dementia Link Part Of Big Week In MedicineCBS2's Dr. Max Gomez took a look at all the top health stories.
Illegal Insulin: Desperate Diabetes Patients Turn To Black Market For Affordable DrugsAfter years of rising insulin prices, a growing number of diabetics and their families are now facing some tough choices when it comes to paying for the drug.
What Kids Are Drinking Blamed For Type 2 DiabetesOne in three children in the United States are considered overweight or obese, putting them at risk for a number of health problems including Type 2 diabetes.
HealthWatch: New Invention Could Prevent Vision Loss For DiabeticsA soft contact lens that glows in the dark while you sleep provides encouraging news about a possible, simple way to prevent a complication of diabetes.
New Glucose Monitors Taking The Pain, Unpredictability Out Of DiabetesA tiny needle that stays under a patients' skin for about a week can send constant signals about blood sugar levels.
Century-Old Vaccine Could Be Major Breakthrough In Diabetes TreatmentThe vaccine is called BCG and it’s actually used to immunize children against tuberculosis. It’s been given nearly four billion times over the past century, mostly in China, Africa and South America, but not that often in the U.S., because TB is less common here.
Second-Hand Diabetic Testing Strips Being Sold On Black MarketFrom social media to the streets, there seems to be a huge demand for diabetic testing strips, which test glucose levels in the blood.
Diet Soda, Sweeteners Can Still Cause Diabetes, Study FindsA study of rats has revealed that artificial sweeteners, commonly used in zero-calorie sodas, actually did as much harm to the body as a high-sugar diet.
‘Diabulimia’ Eating Disorder Has Diabetics Misusing Their Insulin To Lose WeightIn essence, diabulimics are choosing not to control their diabetes, allowing their blood sugar to stay dangerously high and risking health issues from thinking problems, to muscle loss and infections.
So Long, Syringes: New Insulin Patch Makes It Easier To Manage DiabetesThe V-Go insulin patch is easy to use and helps a patient have tighter control of their blood sugar.
Tiny Device Helps Diabetics Monitor Blood Sugar Continuously & DiscretelyFor most diabetics, knowing your blood sugar and insulin levels means pricking your finger a dozen or more times a day, but not for long.