Model Says Her Reconstructive Facial Surgery Should Serve As Warning About Distracted DrivingIn a matter of seconds, a young woman's was life changed forever.
Distracted Drivers Becoming A Bigger Threat To First Responders At Accident ScenesNew research shows that many drivers are profoundly distracted by their phones when they're going past first responders working accidents on the roadways.
Nationwide Ticket Blitz Will Target People Texting While Driving"This is one of the biggest safety concerns in the country right now," said Lt. Christopher Gunther of the Linden Police. 
Shocking Video Catches NYC Taxi Driver On FaceTime While Behind The WheelA New York City taxi driver is caught FaceTiming-and-driving. The worried passenger in the backseat caught it all on video and is calling on the Taxi and Limousine Commission to take action.
‘Project Yellow Light’ Scholarship Competition ReturnsCBS2 is proud to partner with the Project Yellow Light scholarship competition.
NJ TRANSIT Driver Caught Counting Cash, Using Phone Behind The WheelIt happened Thursday morning on the 177X bus on the 495 approach to the Lincoln Tunnel
Video: Driver Counts Cash As NJ TRANSIT Bus Heads Down HighwayNJ TRANSIT officials are looking into a bus driver recorded counting money with his hands off the wheel while driving on a busy highway.
Cuomo Orders Study Of ‘Textalyzer’ Device; Would Tell Police If Drivers In Crashes Were On PhonesPrivacy and civil liberties groups already have questioned whether the technology's use would violate personal privacy, noting that police often must obtain search warrants before looking at a person's phone.
Distracted Driver Slams Into Median In South Brunswick, Police SayA car was caught on camera nearly flying over Route 1 in South Brunswick, New Jersey Wednesday night.
Despite Well Known Risks, Survey Finds Many Use Smartphones Behind The WheelEveryone knows it's dangerous, but a lot of people are still doing it -- driving while distracted.
Study: Distracted Driving Triples Crash RiskA new study shows cell phone use while driving more than triples the risk of getting in a crash.