Seen At 11: New York City's Secret Multi-Million Dollar Doomsday StashThe stockpile has enough supplies for emergency shelters to care for 70,000 people for seven days. All of it is meticulously organized and bar-coded.
Apocalypse Predictions Are Nothing New: A Look At Doomsday TheoriesThe Mayan 2012 prophecy says that a series of cataclysmic events will destroy the planet on Friday -- December 21, 2012 -- the date when the Mayan calendar officially ends.
Parties Rage On As Many Make Light Of Mayan Doomsday PropheciesCrowds are surrounding the Chichen Itza and the Mayan ruins, but interpretations of the doomsday calculation vary. Mayans believe that the calendar signaled Dec. 21 as the end of one era, and Dec. 22 as the beginning of a new one.
Ask Asa: Protecting Your Computer From The Doomsday ProgramFederal investigators recently told CBS 2's Asa Aarons that a dangerous program that has been set loose on the Internet could be waiting to pounce on hard drives around America.
Apocalypse Predictions Are Nothing New: A Look Back At Doomsday TheoriesDoomsday worrywarts have a long history of predicting the end of the world. From biblical times to the present day, there have been many scenarios of our ultimate demise.
Family Of NYC Woman Angered By Donation To Apocalypse PreacherThe family of a New York City woman is angry after she left nearly $250,000 in her will to Harold Camping, the preacher who predicted the end of the world on May 21.
NYC Back To Business As Usual After Failed Doomsday PredictionsWhatever you want to call it – judgment day, the end of days, rapture – the predictions for the end of the world didn’t come to fruition on Saturday.
Is It The End? Many New Yorkers Say 'No'As much as the true believes think today is the end-of-days, many New Yorkers are convinced the apocalypse isn't coming.