Dr. Max Gomez On How Colin Powell's Medical Conditions May Have Played A Role In His Death Due To COVID ComplicationsThere has been much talk about Colin Powell succumbing to COVID complications, even though he was reportedly fully vaccinated. 
FDA Panel Approves Experimental Use Authorization Application For Moderna COVID-19 Booster Shots In 3 PopulationsThe Food and Drug Administration Advisory Committee considered extensive data on the safety and effectiveness of the Moderna mRNA vaccine for experimental use authorization.
U.S. Preventive Services Task Force: People Over 60 Should Not Use Aspirin As Primary Way To Prevent Heart Disease And StrokesThe panel now says millions of Americans taking aspirin should not take it to prevent heart disease and stroke.
Mount Sinai Researchers Studying Psychological Effects Of COVID-19 Pandemic On Front-Line Health Care WorkersThe COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on all of us, especially on health care workers who have had to deal with life-and-death issues for the past 18 months.
Pfizer Applies For Emergency Use Authorization For Its COVID Vaccine In Children 5-11It's an exciting development that parents have been waiting for in the fight against COVID-19.
Surgeon Saves Throat Cancer Patient's Voice BoxA man diagnosed with throat cancer was told his only option was surgery to remove his voice box. But a New York surgeon had another plan.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Doctors Say Youth And General Good Health Don't Mean You're ImmuneIn this Breast Cancer Awareness Month there is an important message for young women.
Doctors Report Seeing Patients With Heart Issues Possibly Linked To COVID-19There is a suggestion that the cardiac issues may be more common in men, although that hasn't been firmly established.
NIH Investigating Possible Link Between COVID Vaccine And Changes To Menstrual CyclesThousands of women are reporting a potential side effect of the COVID vaccine when it comes to their monthly menstrual cycles.
Disturbing Levels Of Toxic Heavy Metals Found In Major Baby Food Brands, Congressional Report RevealsThe house subcommittee report describes dangerous levels of arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury in major baby food brands.
New Study Shows Certain Nasal Sprays Used To Treat Allergies May Protect Against Severe COVID-19Lead study author Dr. Joe Zein says the steroid nasal sprays lower certain receptors on the cells of the nose that the COVID-19 virus uses to infect those cells.
FDA Approves Pfizer COVID-19 Booster Shot, But Confusion Still Reigns Over Who Can Get It And WhenIf even state and federal health officials can't agree on booster guidelines, it's not surprising the rest of us are confused.
New Study Shows COVID Vaccines Are Safe For Pregnant Women, Also Protect Newborns"You could possibly be saving two lives with vaccination," Dr. Jennifer Lighter said.
Johnson & Johnson: 2nd Dose Of COVID Vaccine Offers Stronger ProtectionJ&J had long believed that a second shot of its engineered, virus-based vaccine would boost immunity to COVID-19.
Pfizer Says COVID Vaccine Safe, Effective For Kids Ages 5 To 11Pfizer said Monday it will seek U.S. authorization for this age group soon.