New Procedure Offers Hope For Children With Rare Genetic Disorders Like AADC DeficiencyIn the months that followed, several patients were able to sit up, feed themselves, or even walk - unprecedented improvements among children with this disorder.
CBS News Correspondent Jeff Pegues Opens Up About Severe Anxiety, Nearly Losing His VoiceCBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues revealed severe anxiety is affecting his work. He explained in a live Instagram session with fellow reporter Jerrika Duncan.
Man Receives 1st Total Wrist Replacement Decades In The MakingThrowing a ball, taking a drink and most everyday activities involve your wrist, but you won't realize it until it starts to hurt. 
Teenager Badly In Need Of Liver Transplant Miraculously Recovers Thanks To Quick-Working Dialysis MachineTry to imagine being a healthy high school student, and out of the blue one day you're in liver failure so bad you may only have days to live without a transplant.
Preliminary NYU Study Suggests Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine May Not Be As Effective Against Delta VariantThe Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus continues to spread. It now constitutes 83% of the COVID cases in the U.S.
Mount Sinai Health System Decides Not To Use Recently FDA-Approved Alzheimer's Disease Drug AduhelmA controversial new drug for Alzheimer’s disease has hit another snag in its rollout to patients.
Alabama Man Has Rare Intestinal Transplant Surgery After Being Attacked By BullIt is one of the rarest of transplant operations -- an intestinal transplant. Only a small handful of medical centers can do it.
Rise Of Delta Variant Generating Confusion About COVID Vaccine, Boosters, And MoreConfusion seems to the word of the day when it comes to the COVID pandemic in the U.S. CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez helps answer questions about boosters, variants, vaccine protection and more. 
Lenox Hill Hospital Doctors Pull Off Stunning Surgery, Save 6-Year-Old Ethiopian Girl With Massive Facial TumorHere's a story that you must see to believe, a truly miraculous transformation.
14-Year-Old California Boy On The Mend After Having Extremely Rare Heart And Liver TransplantIt is a remarkable story of survival. Mark Trapp can't wait to get back to playing sports now that he has a new heart and liver.
Study: MRNA Vaccines From Pfizer And Moderna May Provide Immunity From COVID-19 For Years, Without Booster ShotsThere is some potentially very good news about how long immunity will last after getting the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.
Charles Bennetti Lucky To Be Alive After Removal Of Baseball-Sized Aneurysm; 'That Is Huge And We Need To Fix This As Soon As Possible'While aneurysm repair surgery is fairly routine these days, when one grows to baseball size, surgery is extremely dangerous. 
COVID-19: Experts Say Delta Variant Spreads Quickly And Is Dominant Strain In Under-Vaccinated AreasJust when much of the country has started to open up, there is alarming evidence of a new spike in the coronavirus pandemic.
Fear Of Needles Stopping You From Getting A COVID Vaccine? Meet Buzzy, A Device To Help Overcome Needle-PhobiaA recent survey found that 52% of unvaccinated respondents have moderate to high needle fear.
As Pandemic Restrictions Ease, RSV Virus Making A ComebackBelieve it or not, there was something positive that came out of the COVID pandemic.  There was no flu season, and no RSV, a virus that can be serious for infants.