DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Alex At Chelsea Market“It’s comfortable. It’s fully loaded. The Japanese make good cars.” - Alex and his Nissan Altima
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Victor And Becky At The Highline "Being a stunt man, I felt like it was a good idea to have some experience on a bike." - Victor and his Triumph Bonneville
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Franklin In Lennox Hill"It's a 2006 Ford Expedition. It's big and powerful. I love it." - Franklin and his 2006 Ford Expedition
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Joseph On Park Avenue"Hybrid is important when gas costs over $4 a gallon." - Joseph and his Toyota Camry Hybrid
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Hassan In Midtown"Odometer? I have 140 miles. I just received it like two days ago." - Hassan and his Mercedes Benz R350
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Bill In West Orange New Jersey"It requires a whole new attitude towards driving--something called stealth driving." - Bill and his Toyota Prius
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Masami And Daughter In The Village“It’s a happy car! It runs smooth and it does well on gas.” - Masami and her Chevy HHR
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Cody In Chelsea"When we first got the car, there were rules, but they quickly got thrown out." - Cody and his Toyota Corolla
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Uta In The Meatpacking District"I bought it in New Mexico."- Uta and her Dodge 250 Ram
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Douglas In Chelsea“You can’t go wrong with this car. I love it!” - Douglas and his Dodge Stratus
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Carl In Greenwich Village“We call it the Silver Bullet.” - Carl and his 2009 Dodge Caravan