Peter Schwartz: My Beef With Fireman EdAs my family gets ready to meet Mickey Mouse and friends, let’s dive into my lack of respect for Fireman Goofy -- and what triggered it.
Fireman Ed On WFAN: 'When I Die, My Blood's Coming Out Green'Ed Anzalone spent half the interview talking Jets, and the other half ripping two detractors who happen to be FAN employees: Joe Benigno and Peter Schwartz.
Fireman Ed: PSLs Helped Contribute To Negativity At Jets GamesThe New York Jets super-fan known as Fireman Ed simply grew tired of the increasing harassment in the stands at MetLife Stadium. Some cursed at him. Others spit on him. Beer was also tossed his way.
V-O-T-E! Jets Launching Online Contest For New Chant LeadersThe J-E-T-S chant is in the hands of the F-A-N-S. The Jets are holding a fan vote to pick eight season ticket holders to lead the team's familiar rallying cry this year.
Jets' Ed Reed Calls On Fireman Ed To Make Comeback Sunday "That guy with the hard hat on, is he still here?" the safety said Wednesday. "I need him getting the whole stadium crunked."
Fireman Ed Open To Leading 'J-E-T-S' Chant For Big GameNew York recently mapped out its plan for life after Fireman Ed: each section of the stadium will be responsible for a letter in the chant.
Schwartz: I'll Take Fireman Ed's JobPeter Schwartz knows exactly who should fill Fireman Ed's shoes -- himself.
Jets' Rex Ryan Not Making Any GuaranteesRyan isn't making wild predictions, but the Jets' coach still believes his team has a shot at the playoffs.
Dyer: We All Lost When Fireman Ed Decided To QuitThe most famous fan in New York -- and perhaps in the NFL -- is calling it quits, and while fans wrestle with the merits of "Fireman Ed," it is clear that no one is the winner in this situation.
Green Lantern: Fireman Ed's Retirement Speaks To Bigger Problem In Jets LandWhile your initial reaction to Ed Anzalone stepping away from his unofficial role as the Jets' most visible fan might have been a roll of the eyes or a snicker, just know this: He mattered.
Fireman Ed Has Led His Last J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets! ChantThe former New York City firefighter, who left the Jets' 49-19 loss to New England at halftime Thursday night, says that MetLife Stadium has become divided.