Expert Offers Tips On How To Rid Your Home Of Summer PestsSome people's homes are crawling with critters right now -- everything from ants to wasps and in larger-than-usual numbers.
Wet Weather May Mean Big Trouble For Trees During Hurricane SeasonThe Tri-State area has been inundated with rain this year. With the hurricane season underway, some homeowners fear the trees in their yard are one storm away from falling.
Experts: Food Is The Secret To Back-To-School SuccessWhen it comes to academic success, some experts say what children put in their bodies is far more important than what they put in their book bags.
Komen Connections: Expert Says African-American Women Must Remain Vigilant With Breast Cancer ScreeningBreast cancer is the most common cancer among African-American women, and when it comes to survival the numbers are bleak.
9/2 CBS2 Sunday Morning Weather HeadlinesGood Sunday morning everybody! The second day of our long holiday weekend will feature a bit more in the way of warmth, and the same sun & cloud mix we saw yesterday.
Tips To Stay Cool During Demanding Summer PracticesMonday's hot, humid weather made it tough to complete outdoor tasks. For some students, those tasks are necessary as they prepare for back-to-school sports.
Flash Flood Watch Into Sunday As Rain Drenches Tri-State AreaOriginally issued for parts of northern New Jersey, the warning was expanded to the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and parts of Brooklyn through 10:15 a.m.
8/7 Tuesday Morning CBS2 Weather HeadlinesWe are projected to hit our second official heat wave of the summer by this afternoon.
Video Game Coaches Now For-Hire To Help Players Of All Ages Improve Their SkillsThere are tutors and private instructors to help kids with everything from school work to mastering a musical instrument. Now, there's something totally new.
NAG ON: Pushy Parents Produce More Successful Children, Study SaysThe secret to success when it comes to raising kids is apparently nagging, especially when it comes to daughters.
Westchester Residents Say Rash Of Daytime Coyote Sightings Has Them SpookedThe typically nocturnal animals continued to be spotted during the day, making some people fear they could be rabid.
After The Storm: Funnel Cloud Spotted In New York Harbor As Severe Weather Pummels Tri-State AreaThe National Weather Service confirmed a funnel cloud formed over New York Harbor as the storm picked up. Viewers took to social media to record the rare sight.
Parents Fear Voice-Activated Devices May Do More Harm Than Good For KidsThe devices are popping up in more and more homes, and it's not just parents using Alexa or Siri.
Celebrating The History Of The Fourth Of July In Westchester CountyCBS2’s Elise Finch ventured to Westchseter County, where people were focusing on family and the history behind the Independence Day holiday.
Tips On Staying Safe & Cool At The Water Park This SummerWith summer in full swing and the Fourth of July rapidly approaching, people are certainly looking for ways to try and beat the heat. Sometimes it can lead to other health problems.