Palladino: Cashman Dispute Proves Gossage Still Crazy After All These YearsAnyone who ever dealt with Goose Gossage the player knows that Goose Gossage the senior citizen is not going to go softly into that good night.
Palladino: Wild Card Matt Harvey Could Become Link To Mets’ Postseason HopesAs pitchers and catchers reported Monday to Port St. Lucie, the Mets set their eyes on a division championship.
Palladino: Yankees Will Benefit From Celebrity Guest Russell WilsonRussell Wilson is a hired gun of a different sort, one the Yankees were very smart to bring into the mix, albeit for a week or two.
Palladino: Signing Todd Frazier Spells End Of David Wright’s Comeback HopesNow that Frazier has signed for two years at a Wilpon-friendly $17 million, the endless waiting and hoping for the former face of the franchise has ended.
Palladino: Brady Did Almost Everything Right In Super Bowl LII LossWe're so used to seeing Tom Brady do what needs to be done late in games to win, what happened in the final minutes of Super Bowl LII is a bit hard to process.
Palladino: Maccagnan Had Better Be Right If He Goes After CousinsWhile the rest of the world agonizes over how Tom Brady and his 11-year-old son show affection, Mike Maccagnan has to decide whether to kiss up to Kirk Cousins or shower his love elsewhere.
Palladino: Spags' Allegations Of Pats Stealing Signs Makes For Fun WeekBetween illegal filming of practices and "Deflategate," the Patriots have been blamed for just about everything imaginable short of global warming.
Palladino: Shurmur And Coughlin Different In Style, Not SubstancePat Shurmur’s introductory press conference last Friday sounded nothing like the one the Giants threw Tom Coughlin on Jan. 6, 2004. Don’t be fooled. The main message of zero tolerance for slackers and malcontents remained the same. And that’s just what the Giants need right now, just as they needed it back then, days after Jim Fassel’s last team finished 4-12.
Palladino: Bonds, Clemens Belong In Cooperstown With An AsteriskBarry Bonds and Roger Clemens remain outsiders as far as baseball’s Hall of Fame voters are concerned. And that will remain an injustice until an alternative committee rectifies the issue years down the road.
Palladino: Time For Jets To Jettison Troubled AndersonRobby Anderson doesn’t get it, and probably never will. Which is why the Jets should give it to him. The ax, that is.
Palladino: Patriots' Brady Just Did What He Always DoesTheir quarterback had stitches in his throwing hand. Their monster tight end was still seeing blue birds twirling around in his head. They were down by 10 in the fourth quarter. Of course, the Patriots are going to the Super Bowl.