Palladino: Coughlin Aura Could Beat Belichick Again In AFC Championship GameIf one person in the league has a right to some personal animosity toward the former Giants coach, it is that hoodie-wearing genius up north.
Palladino: 5 Things Pat Shurmur Can Do To Fix The GiantsIf Pat Shurmur indeed becomes the new head coach of the Giants after the Vikings' season ends, be it this week or the first week in February, he’ll walk into a mess.
Palladino: Gonzalez Deal Serves Purpose, But Mets Need To Fill Real HolesThe Mets actually did something concrete over the weekend. Don’t get too excited. Agreeing to terms with free-agent Adrian Gonzalez won’t exactly get them to the promised land.
Palladino: Yankees Should Wait Out Darvish, Not Make A Big TradeWhether Brian Cashman rounds up enough prospects to land a controllable pitcher or writes a check big enough to lure a free agent, the success or failure of his quest for a sixth starter won’t make or break the Yankees.
Palladino: Fan Frustration Makes For Dangerous Times For MetsSandy Alderson has never sought to win any popularity contests, which is a good thing considering the current emotions flowing through the Mets’ fan base these days.
Palladino: Giants Must Take Their Best Shot At Landing BelichickHiring an NFL coach is all about taking a shot. If the Giants see even the slightest opening to hiring Bill Belichick, they have to go for it.
Palladino: Giants, Jets May Have QB On Brain, But Barkley Is Great AlternativeGiven their draft positions and the respective situations under center, it’s perfectly normal for the No. 2-picking Giants and the Jets at No. 6 to focus on a talent-rich quarterback crop.
Palladino: Giants Should Keep These 5 Core Guys, Lose Everyone ElseThe group of Giants one saw in the New Year’s Day locker room will undoubtedly look far different than the one that shows up in July for training camp.
Palladino: Extensions Amount To Playoff Edicts For Jets’ Bowles And MaccagnanOwnership is pretty much saying Maccagnan and Bowles have one, two years at most, to fix their 5-11 team and get back to the playoffs.
Palladino: Gettleman Will Have To Deal With Many Bad ApplesOnce the Giants euthanize their season Sunday, their biggest question will go beyond what to do with Eli Manning.
Palladino: JPP's Challenge To 'True Fans' Sounds LudicrousFrankly, sometimes silence is the best policy. Especially for anyone on a 2-13 roster that just set a franchise record for most losses in a season.
Palladino: Minaya's Return Is A Very Good Thing For AldersonThe Wilpons gave Sandy Alderson a pretty good Christmas gift the other day when they brought Omar Minaya back into the fold as his special assistant.
Palladino: Giants Should Make Christmas Eve A Happy One For Davis WebbIt has come time for Giants backup quarterback Davis Webb to start earning his relative pittance of a rookie contract.
Palladino: Yankees Adding Sixth Starter Is The Responsible Thing To DoPitchers are like pass-rushers. You can never have too many of them. Just ask the Mets.
Palladino: Giants, Jets Need To Move On From Problem PlayersEli Apple and Muhammad Wilkerson have revealed their true selves to the Giants and Jets this season.