Palladino: Callaway’s 'Undefined' Mets Bullpen Could End Up Being Huge MistakeMickey Callaway will look like a genius if his “closer-by-committee” theory actually works for the Mets.
Palladino: Giants Are Totally Botching The Needed Evaluation Of QB WebbUnlike the Giants, the Jets probably won’t be in a position to draft a top quarterback in April.
Palladino: Boone's Job As Neophyte Yankees Manager Just Got A Lot EasierIn one move, Brian Cashman minimized all the questions about Aaron Boone’s lack of experience.
Palladino: McCown Every Bit Deserves To Be Jets' Starter To Begin Next SeasonAs things stand today, the Jets have a pair of unhappy quarterbacks. Lucky for them, neither one of them is named Josh McCown. And the other two, Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty, don’t really matter.
Palladino: Hal Steinbrenner’s Comfort With Boone Must Be Long-LastingHal Steinbrenner initially wanted someone with managerial experience to lead his Yankees into this next phase of their storied history.
Palladino: Unapologetic McAdoo Had This Firing ComingThe published reports ended up being correct. Ben McAdoo lost his job on Monday.
Palladino: Giants Must Do Right Thing And Help Eli Get Gig ElsewhereThe Giants owe Eli Manning something after the disgrace they’ve made of the last couple of days, and it shouldn't be about turning him into a tutor for the next fresh-faced “quarterback of the future.”
Palladino: NFL Must Do Something To Fix Brutal TD Replay SystemThe NFL had enough serious problems with concussions, domestic violence, and a national anthem protest that its declining popularity didn’t need a hit from within.
Palladino: Alderson Has To Find Callaway Some Good, Cheap HorsesKeep in mind he has a limited free agent budget to work with. The Wilpons might be reluctant to equal the $155 million payroll that bought them 92 losses last year, and they certainly don’t want to increase it.
Palladino: Otani Would Be One Heck Of A Christmas Present For YankeesBrian Cashman might well have offered a small, silent prayer of thanks to the MLB Players Association before he gobbled down his turkey dinner Thursday.
Palladino: Regardless Of Giants’ QB Future, Eli Still Has Much To OfferJerry Reese sat at the UCLA-USC game Saturday along with the rest of the NFL’s personnel guys to survey the cream of the collegiate quarterback crop.
Palladino: Yankees’ New Manager Must Not Tinker With Aaron JudgeIt doesn’t really matter that Aaron Judge came in second in the American League MVP voting to Jose Altuve last week. What matters is that Judge was, without a doubt, the Yankees’ MVP.
Palladino: McAdoo’s Team-Shaming Ways Won't Amount To MuchFor all of Ben McAdoo’s talk of brutal honesty during Wednesday’s team meeting, one wonders if any of it will impact what happens out there Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.
Palladino: 2017's Modest Success Should Earn Bowles At Least 1 More YearThe Jets are by no means a good football team, but they are a heck of a lot better than anyone predicted. That alone should be reason enough to keep Todd Bowles.
Palladino: A 'Player Whisperer' Is Absolutely Not What Yankees NeedWhen words like “connectivity” and phrases like “communication level” get thrown around in the middle of the Yankees’ managerial search, it’s not hard to see that a new age has dawned.