U.S. Supreme Court Blocks Part Of New York's Eviction MoratoriumJustices ruled in favor of landlords and overturned a provision that helped renters who suffered financial hardships during the pandemic.
Gov. Phil Murphy Signs Sweeping Housing Eviction Prevention, Utility Assurance Into LawIt comes as tens of thousands of New Jersey residents can't pay their rent. 
Biden Administration Says National Eviction Moratorium Will Expire SaturdayThe White House says a Supreme Court decision is keeping it from extending the moratorium and is instead calling on Congress to act. 
Sen. Chuck Schumer Calls On New York State To Distribute $2.1B To Tenants Hit Hard During PandemicSchumer joined tenants in Manhattan on Sunday and called on the state to act now.
Albany Landlord Accused Of Kidnapping Tenants He Couldn't Evict, Leaving Them At Cemetery 30 Miles AwayHis tenants tell police they were abducted early Sunday morning at gunpoint, restrained with zip ties and covered with pillowcases.
Eviction Moratorium: Brooklyn Couple Says They Can't Kick Tenant Out, Despite Assault Charge And Restraining OrderThe landlords and tenants have been involved in a housing dispute since the pandemic began when they stopped paying rent.
Elderly NYC Landlords Say Eviction Moratorium Is Taking Away Income They Need To LiveThe governor's office told us the law recently included a way for people to be evicted during the moratorium -- that's filing a claim their tenant is a "nuisance" or a safety risk -- but attorneys say language is too vague, and their cases are not even being heard.
Eviction Moratorium: Long Island Woman Says Tenants Haven't Paid Rent Since May 2019, Hurl Racial Slurs When Asked To PayAfter months of pleading, the Khalids filed eviction paperwork. It took months to go through the courts. Then the pandemic hit, and in March, the state banned evictions due to the coronavirus.
Staten Island Couple Says Tenants Who Haven't Paid Rent Since May 2019 Can't Be Kicked Out Due To Eviction MoratoriumTo date, the Mesheriakovs are out $80,000 in rent owed, not to mention bills and repairs.
Gov. Cuomo Signs COVID Relief Bill For Renters And Property OwnersA moratorium on evictions was set to expire Dec. 31, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law a bill that extends it for another two months.
Only On CBS2: Landlords Left In Limbo As Some Tenants Allegedly Abuse Eviction MoratoriumEviction moratoriums are meant to protect people who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic. But landlords who had authorized evictions before the COVID-19 pandemic hit are now left in limbo.