Who Is Cesar Sayoc? What We Know About The Suspicious Package Suspect So FarSayoc is a 56-year-old man in who was taken into custody in South Florida. He has ties to New York and Florida court documents list his place of birth as Brooklyn.
Unattended Toys Trigger Partial Evacuation Of Time Warner Center As Officials Probe Pipe Bomb PatternThe partial evacuation highlighted the tense mood felt across the city just one day after a pipe bomb was discovered in a package delivered to CNN's New York headquarters.
How To Spot A Suspicious PackageWith the spate of suspicious packages targeting prominent Democrats and others, authorities want the public to know how to spot a possible mail bomb. 
Timeline Of Terror: Democrats Targeted With Explosive DevicesA timeline of events related to the explosive devices sent to multiple addresses for Democratic leaders across the county and CNN's New York offices.
Who's To Blame For Rash Of Suspicious Packages Targeting Dems? Brennan, Trump Go To War On TwitterThe onslaught of suspicious packages is igniting a political firestorm, as people on both sides of the aisle question the motivation behind the bombs.
'Clearly An Act Of Terror': 'Live Explosive Device' Targets CNN At Time Warner Center; Others Target Clintons, Obamas, MoreSuspicious packages were sent to the Time Warner Center, which houses CNN's New York offices, as well as to the homes of former presidents Clinton and Obama, authorities said.
OEM 'Shelter In Place' Cellphone Alert Causes PanicThose who live and work near Time Warner Center were alerted on their cellphones to shelter in place not long after reports started surfacing Wednesday of an explosive device found in the CNN mailroom.
Security Expert: CNN, Clinton, Obama Devices Not Detonating Should Give Investigators 'Bountiful Information'Technology will help law enforcement in the search for those responsible for the delivery of explosive devices to various public figures this week.