By The Numbers: Will The Hall Of Fame Voters Get It Right?Happy New Year! This means, of course, that the Hall of Fame announcement is right around the corner.
By The Numbers: Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio?Had he lived, Joseph Paul DiMaggio would have turned 100 years old on Nov. 25. His career has been celebrated in print, film clips and music, while his legend has been passed on from generation to generation.
By The Numbers: Do Mega-Contracts In MLB Make Sense?Stanton is now 25 years old. At the end of his contract he will be 38. On the “average," will he be worth $25 million a year?
By The Numbers: Great Baseball Books To Get You Through The OffseasonThere are many more books I could have suggested, but hopefully the spring will be here before we know it.
By The Numbers: A Look Back At 10 Especially Memorable Fall ClassicsIn this installment of By The Numbers, I recap 10 Fall Classics -- starting in 1958 -- which I vividly remember and which, for me, are frozen in time.
By The Numbers: A Last Word On Yankees Legend Derek JeterFather Jack Radano is a lifelong Yankees fan. He spent many years laboring at the Vatican and is presently a professor at nearby Seton Hall University. I asked him to give his thoughts on Derek Jeter’s last year.
By The Numbers: What Would Your All-Time MLB Lineup Look Like?If you were tasked with picking an all-time MLB lineup, what would it look like? What would be the parameters for selection?
By The Numbers: What Will Life Without Derek Be For The Yankees?So as we mull over this year, let us also take a premature look at next year in anticipation of life without Jeter in 2015.
By The Numbers: Why Do Hitters Continue To Try To Beat The Shift?It’s the offense’s move. I suspect we will not see a major reaction or response from batters this year, not as long as they stubbornly insist on making hard outs rather than trying for soft hits.
By The Numbers: Has Derek Surpassed Honus As The Greatest Shortstop Ever?Is Wagner still the greatest shortstop of all time? A year ago, I would have said “Absolutely!” Now I am not so sure. This brings us to Derek Jeter.
By The Numbers: Little-Known Facts About The Babe From Julia Ruth StevensI suspected that I would know most of the “answers,” but it was interesting to hear these responses and observations about “daddy” from Julia herself, and how they confirmed what I had read before.