Upcoming COVID-19 Relief Bill To Send $54 Billion To New York, Including Lifeline For Cash-Strapped MTAHundreds of dollars could be coming to the bank accounts of millions of Americans as early as next week.
Biden Discusses Inauguration Plans And Says He's Confident Congress Will Pass COVID Relief BillsPresident-elect Joe Biden called November's disappointing jobs report "grim" but said that if Congress acts now, "we can regain momentum."
McConnell Urged White House Not To Make A Deal On Stimulus Bill Ahead Of ElectionMcConnell told Senate Republicans Tuesday that he urged the White House against making a deal on a large coronavirus stimulus bill ahead of the election, a source familiar confirmed to CBS News.
Trump Shuts Down Talks On COVID Relief Bill Until After The ElectionPresident Trump shut down negotiations between the White House and House Democrats over a new coronavirus relief bill, sending stocks tumbling with a series of tweets announcing he had "instructed my representatives to stop negotiating until after the election."
Stimulus Check Update: IRS Extending Deadline For Some To Apply For $1,200 Government Stimulus CheckThe $1,200 checks were issued in the spring, but the IRS used tax return data to process the checks, and many Americans don't file a return. 
Cuomo, De Blasio Blast Republican $1 Trillion Stimulus Proposal, Warn Of Dire Budget ConsequencesThe mayor said first responders are left wondering if they're going to still have a job in a few months. 
It's NOT A Scam: Feds Say 4 Million Americans Receiving Stimulus Checks In Form Of Prepaid Debit CardMany are receiving the card and mistakenly thinking it's a scam. This, as another 2 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week.
IRS Launches 'Get My Payment' Tool To Help Americans Track Stimulus MoneyThe IRS has launched a website that gives you the ability to track the status of your economic stimulus payment from the federal government during the coronavirus pandemic.