Confirmed Flu Cases Rising Across New York State, Governor's Office SaysOfficials say the number of people hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed flu was 363 this past week, a 41 percent increase over the previous week.
Health Watch: Airplane Flu Outbreak Acting As Flu Shot WarningThe reported flu outbreak among passengers on a United Arab Emirates flight quarantined at JFK is reminding many that it's time to get a flu shot.
Flu Season Now As Bad As 2009 Swine Flu; Nassau County Reports Nearly 4,000 Confirmed CasesThis season started early and has been driven by a nasty type of flu that tends to put more people in the hospital and cause more deaths.
Flying During Flu Season Means Traveling With Other Passengers And Their GermsIf you have plans to travel during flu season, you're not alone. Not only will you be traveling alongside other passengers, but their germs too.
Deadly Flu Season Has Been Particularly Hard On Baby Boomers, The ElderlyFlu season started early and doctors said the deadly outbreak could last for many more weeks to come.
Researchers Claim To Have Developed A Universal Flu VaccineResearchers at Georgia State University claim they've developed a way to produce a "universal flu vaccine" that could protect patients for several years with just one shot.
Experts Share Advice On How To Stay Healthy Amid Flu, Strep SeasonCoughing, sniffling and sneezing everywhere you turn – it’s signs of a cold, or even worse, the flu. And with germs everywhere, it is easy to fear you will get infected.
Deadly Flu Season Claiming 100 Lives Per Week, CDC WarnsThe U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently estimated that 759 people died of flu-related illnesses between Oct. 7 and Dec. 23.