Experts Say Flu Vaccine Especially Important For Pregnant WomenThe flu season continues to escalate, with every state but Hawaii reporting widespread outbreaks.
Researchers Claim To Have Developed A Universal Flu VaccineResearchers at Georgia State University claim they've developed a way to produce a "universal flu vaccine" that could protect patients for several years with just one shot.
Connecticut Officials Report Steep Increase In Flu HospitalizationsThe Department of Public Health says this year's flu virus has been particularly severe among people 65 years old or older.
Doctors Recommend Children Receive Flu Shots By End Of OctoberDoctors say it takes two weeks for the shot to protect against the virus, so it’s important to get vaccinated now before the season gets underway.
Changes Coming To Flu Shots This Season: What You Need To KnowIt’s that time of year again – the one some needle-phobes hate, but could save your life.
Researchers Test Patch That Lets People Give Themselves Flu VaccineOnly 40 percent of adults in the United States get a flu shot each year, but a skin patch could change the way they receive the annual vaccine.
Not Getting Your Child Vaccinated For The Flu Could Have Deadly ConsequencesA new study from the Centers for Disease Control says the flu vaccine significantly reduces a child's risk of dying from the flu.
Flu Bug Hits Long Island HardThe flu bug is hitting Long Island hard this year and the number of reported cases since October have more than tripled over last year.