Survey Says Many Parents Plan To Skip Flu Shots For Children This Year, Going Against Health Experts' RecommendationsThere's troubling news about children and flu shots as we head into an uncertain cold, flu and COVID-19 season.
Long Island Launches Fight The Flu 2020 Campaign, Encourages Residents To Get Flu Shots EarlyThe new Fight the Flu 2020 campaign emphasizes the importance of being immunized, especially during the pandemic.
Doctors: Allergy Season Could Last Longer Than Usual, Overlapping COVID-19, Colds, And FluThis allergy season may last right into the winter, overlapping with COVID-19, colds and flus.
CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez Dispels Flu Shot Myths; Vaccine Critical To Prevent 'Twin-Demic' When Flu Overlaps With COVID-19Getting a flu shot is more important than ever this year, with the coronavirus pandemic still raging. Yet, misinformation about flu vaccines continues to spread.
Health Experts: Demand For Flu Shots Is Higher Than Expected, So Public Urged To Get One Sooner Rather Than LaterIn preparing for the flu season, Stop & Shop did its market research and anticipated a 35% increase in demand for the influenza vaccine, but that projection ended up being off.
Mayor, Health Commissioner Encourage New Yorkers To Get Their Flu Shots: 'We Should Not Underestimate It'The mayor also shared an update on the city's test and trace program, saying it has prevented up to 15,000 potential cases of the coronavirus.
Doctors: Flu Shots A Must This Fall To Help Avoid Potential TwindemicThe viruses share symptoms, and fighting an outbreak of both could put more stress on our already exhausted health care system.
'Second Wave' Of Dangerous Flu Hitting New York, Pediatric Deaths On The RiseThe state health department says New York has seen almost 107,000 confirmed flu cases so far this season, with three flu-associated pediatric deaths.
Flu Deaths Down From Previous Seasons, But Serious Risks Still RemainThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says overall flu activity has declined over the last few weeks, but still remains high.
Flu Or Allergies? Here's What To Know About Your Symptoms As Flu Deaths Rise To 2,900Feeling feverish, achy? Got a cough? Or maybe your eyes are itchy and you're sneezing. Maybe it's just a cold but, could it be the flu or allergies? The difference could be serious if it is the flu.
Health Department: Confirmed Flu Cases In NYC Up 77%The winter season isn't the only thing in full swing. The flu season is also here in the Big Apple. Doctors are reporting an early rise in cases ahead of the peak.