NYC's 6 Best Halal Food CartsThere are plenty of carts on the streets of New York, but where can you find the highest quality meals? We narrowed it down for you - here are the best bets for a quality food cart lunch or dinner.
NY Food Truck Lunch: Chicken Biryani from Biryani CartOne of the rules we try to follow is that if the name of a dish is in the name of a restaurant, try that dish.
NY Food Truck Lunch: Sausage & Peppers from Tony Dragonas' CartYou see sausage & peppers stands at all the NYC street fairs, but there are a few things Tony does that improves on the standard street fair sausage & peppers hero.
NY Food Truck Lunch: Bauernwurst & German Fries From Hallo BerlinWhile you can get hot dogs on just about every corner of NYC, there is only one street vendor serving authentic German wurst, Hallo Berlin.
NY Food Truck Lunch: Chicken Pad Thai From Muay ThaiThe pad thai was decent, but a little boring. It was peanutty, but didn't have that sweet and tangy sauce that we love.
NY Food Truck Lunch: Steak Sandwich From Carnegie John'sJohn is an old-school Greek vendor who takes pride in what he serves, with quality being important to him. We think he has one of the best chicken over rice dishes in the city, but on this visit, we went with the ribeye steak sandwich for $6.
NY Food Truck Dessert: Monsieur Singh Lassi PopsOne of the newest, and certainly one of the most unique, street vendors around town is a tiny cart called Monsieur Singh Lassi Pops.
NY Food Truck Lunch: Chicken Over Rice From Sammy's Halal FoodWith yesterday's announcement of the 2012 Vendy Award Finalists, we started thinking about past Vendy Award winners. One past Vendy Award winner we haven't reviewed for you yet is Sammy's Halal Food, who won the 2nd Vendy Cup back in 2006.
NY Food Truck Lunch: Grilled Fish From The Indian Tasty Halal FoodWe got some negative feedback on a recent review of the Indian Tasty Halal Food cart on 44th Street (near 6th Ave). So we made a follow-up visit.
NY Food Truck Lunch: Chicken Tikka Masala From The Famous Dal WagonIts beautiful Indian decor helps it stand out from most other food carts in the city, and they are a true Indian food cart. You won't get chicken over rice at the Famous Dal wagon, but you can get keema masala, puri bhajji, chicken tikka masala, and of course dal.
NY Food Truck Lunch: Sweet Chili Chicken From Indian Tasty Halal FoodWhen we see a halal food cart, we assume they will have chicken or "lamb" over rice with white and hot sauce. Lately, we've run into a few halal carts with chicken tikka masala, kati rolls and fish served with Indian spices and sauces.