Food Delivery Workers Counting On New York City Council To Pass Package Of Bills Regulating Delivery AppsStanding in solidarity, Los Deliveristas Unidos, a group of app-based delivery workers, are fighting for better working conditions.
NYC Delivery Workers Calling For More Safety, Better Working Conditions As Concerns Grow About Attacks On The JobAn uptick in violence in the pandemic led to delivery workers banning together, communicating in group chats, creating self-defense committees and holding rallies demanding change.
NYC Council Considers Capping Food Delivery Fees During EmergenciesThe bill would restrict the fees during emergencies, like the coronavirus pandemic, when restaurants can’t have diners on the premises.
Coronavirus Life: Homebound Showing Gratitude Through #ThanksForDeliveringDelivery workers are among those putting themselves in danger to make sure people are still getting food and supplies during the isolation of the coronavirus outbreak.
Survey Says: New Yorkers Love Their Burgers And Late-Night EatsA new Postmates survey sheds some light on New Yorkers’ eating habits.
Yuck! Study Says 28 Percent Of Food App Delivery Drivers Taste Your FoodSome food for thought the next time you order a meal from a delivery app. 28 percent of a delivery drivers have taken a bite out of your order, according to a new study.
NYC Council To Look Into Food Delivery App FeesThe New York City council will be looking into the fees charged by food delivery apps, like Grubhub, that let people order food from local restaurants.
New York Times Co. Launches Partnership To Begin Shipping Recipe IngredientsThe New York Times Co. is known for delivering newspapers, but the company now wants to help deliver food to people's door steps.
New Yorkers Mark Christmas By Giving Back To Those In NeedAn army of volunteers helped to make Christmas even better for people in need across New York City.