Furry Friend Finder: Georgie & Peter Searching For Their Forever HomesGeorgie and Peter are both 6-month-old Shih Tzu-Yorkie mixes.
Furry Friend Finder: Teddy & Lance Searching For Their Forever HomesTeddy, 2, and Lance, 9, are both Yorkshire Terriers.
Furry Friend Finder: Mia & Casper Searching For Their Forever HomesMia is an 11-year-old Westie mix and Casper is a 5-month-old Maltese-Poodle mix.
Furry Friend Finder: Ralph And Bambi Looking For Their Forever HomesMeet Ralph, an 18-month-old Basenji mix from Brazil, and Bambi, a 1-year-old Pomerania-Chihuahua mix.
Furry Friend Finder: Paulina & Einstein Could Be YoursPaulina is a 1.5-year-old Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix weighing eight pounds. She is sweet, loving and great with everyone, but still needs some housebreaking.
Furry Friend Finder: Cassie And LuluCassie is a 10-year-old beagle who loves to go for walks, cuddle, and snuggle. She needs a house with a yard.  Lulu is a 9-year-old Jack Russel mix who likes to go for walks and is playful.
Furry Friend Finder: Bob & Maria Searching For Their Forever HomesIn this week’s “Furry Friend Finder” we introduce you to Bob, a 3-year-old Dachshund, and Maria, an 8-year-old Miniature Pinscher.
Furry Friend Finder: Kirby And Charles Need Forever HomesKirby is a very loving, 14-year-old, 9-pound, hypoallergenic, housebroken Shih Tzu/poodle mix. Charles is an adorable, funny, 1-year-old, 17-pound pug.
Furry Friend Finder: Manny And Ralph Are Looking For Forever HomesManny is a 4-year-old, housebroken, Maltipoo mix. Ralph is 18-months-old, housebroken, 35 pounds and from Brazil.
Furry Friend Finder: Meet Blondie And LolitaBlondie is an 8-month-old, 34-pound, Boxer/Labrador mix, while Lolita is a 5-month-old, 6-pound, Shih Tzu. Both need forever homes.
Furry Friend Finder: Tiger And BellaTiger is an 18-month-old Labrador mix who just arrived in New York City from Brazil. Bella is a 10-year-old Pomeranian who’s sweet, loving and loves to be brushed.
Furry Friend Finder: Mimi And LolaIn this week's "Furry Friend Finder," we introduce you to Mimi and Lola.
Furry Friend Finder: Daniel And DanielleIn this edition of “Furry Friend Finder,” CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock and Cindy Hsu introduce Daniel and Danielle.
Furry Friend Finder: Luna And EinsteinLuna is an 8-year-old Maltese, and Einstein is an almost-4-year-old Schnoodle, or Schnauzer-Poodle mix.
Furry Friend Finder: Mr. Phibbs And KirbyIn this edition of “Furry Friend Finder,” CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock introduces Mr. Phibbs and Kirby.