New Jersey Man Has Life-Threatening, Soccer Ball-Sized Tumor Successfully Removed From Neck"It was a relatively quicker surgery than we anticipated, we didn't have to do a reconstruction, and he did well," Dr. Nazir Khan said.
CDC Report Shows Staggering Number Of Deadly Antibiotic Resistant InfectionsThose results come from a CDC report that even has doctors worried.
Again Savoring Flavors, Yonkers Vape Store Taking Full Advantage Of Appeals Court RulingLast month, the city of Yonkers banned the sale of flavored vaping products. Well, on Wednesday those products were back on the shelves of local stores.
New York Raises Age To Purchase Tobacco Products From 18 To 21Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a law to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21 back in July.
Teen Needed Double Lung Transplant Due To Damage From Vaping, Health Officials SayDoctors found an "enormous amount of inflammation and scarring" on the teen's lungs, said Dr. Hassan Nemeh, surgical director of thoracic organ transplant at Henry Ford.
Simple Procedure Can Offer Relief For Some Women With Overactive BladdersOne doctor says many cases of overactive bladder are actually due to blood pooling in the veins around the bladder.
New NYC Program Giving The Visually Impaired A Chance To Play Tennis Like The ProsThey’re teaching visually impaired people how to play tennis. For many, it’s their first time trying the sport.
NY Teen Becomes Advocate For Flu Shots After Nearly Dying From IllnessDr. Max Gomez spoke to a young honors student who didn't get her flu shot because she didn't want to miss school. That almost cost her her life.
U.S. Medical Company Claims To Have Developed Cure For HIV, Sends Research To FDA For ApprovalAmerican Gene Technologies filed a 1,000-page application with the FDA on Wednesday as scientists there believe they have created a gene therapy unlike any other.
Health Officials Report Breakthrough In Investigation Into Vaping-Related IllnessesA government lab found the same chemical compound in fluid taken from the lungs of 29 patients across the country, the CDC announced.
'Rip My Skull Open' Pain: Non-Drug Remedy Offers Hope To Migraine Headache SufferersA small, battery-powered device can reduce the severity or even stop a migraine in its tracks.
Doctor Warns Of Infection Dangers Associated With Repeated Wireless Headphone UseSince their debut, wireless headphones have skyrocketed in popularity. It's hard to walk down the streets of Manhattan and not see any. But keep them in for too long, and you could be paying the price.
Live From The Surgery? App Connects Surgeons With Patient's Family, Friends In Real-TimeA new app called Ease allows doctors and nurses to provide live updates from the operating room to anyone the patient chooses.
Recent Hepatitis A Outbreak Has N.J. Health Officials On AlertThe New Jersey Department of Health said there have been 541 confirmed cases since Dec. 1, 2018. That's a steep increase from last year's 67 cases.
Hepatitis A Scare At N.J. ShopRite Prompts Directive To Customers To Trash Food, Get VaccinatedThere is a hepatitis A warning in New Jersey after a store worker at a supermarket tested positive for the virus.