Helicopter Pilot Was In Restricted Flight Area Before Deadly Midtown CrashThe helicopter pilot who was killed after crashing on top of a Midtown building Monday afternoon was flying in a restricted flight area.
Aviation Expert: 'It's Gonna Be A Project' To Get Helicopter Off Roof After Deadly CrashAn aviation expert says it's going to be a "big job" to get a helicopter off the roof of a Midtown building after Monday's deadly crash.
Pilot Talks With NTSB About Helicopter Crash Into Hudson RiverThe pilot of the helicopter that crashed into the Hudson River last Wednesday is sharing his perspective of what happened as he tried to land on one of the helipads near 30th Street off the West Side Highway.
Helicopter Pilot Escapes With Minor Injuries After Crash Landing In Hudson RiverThe helicopter was on the way to pick up passengers when it plunged into the river near 30th Street and the Lincoln Tunnel.
Helicopter Goes Down Into Hudson River Near Lincoln TunnelA helicopter went into the water of the Hudson River around 1:20 p.m. on Wednesday, near 30th Street helipad.
Helicopter Makes Hard Landing In Orange County, 6 InjuredA Bell 222 helicopter landed on its side in a wooded area in Crawford Saturday afternoon.
Criminals Land Helicopter In Prison To Help Gangster EscapeRedoine Faid escaped prison Sunday in a scene that looked like something ripped from a Hollywood movie.
NYC Ruling On Helicopter Safety Goes Only As Far As State LineThe group that regulates helicopters in New York city reached an agreement with the operators of the downtown heliport to ban all doors-off sightseeing tours - but others states have no such rule.
Suffolk County Police Helicopter Hit By LaserMore legal trouble may be on the horizon for Suffolk County’s so-called “Red Light Robin Hood.”
Shane McMahon, Pilot Rescued After Helicopter Crash Lands In Waters Off Gilgo BeachThe Robinson R44II-type helicopter went down around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.
Devils Owner's Helicopter Cancels Youth Soccer Game In Scheduling SnafuHarris has a deal with the school to use the field to land his chopper on occasion, but someone must have double-booked the field that day.