Exclusive: As Showdown With Hoboken Over Dry Dock Nears, NY Waterway Shows CBS2 Its Outdated OperationsPrime property on the Hudson River is fueling a fight between the City of Hoboken and NY Waterway.
Hoboken Set To Use Eminent Domain To Take Union Dry Dock From NY WaterwayThere has been a new development in the fight over a prime piece of property on the Hudson River in New Jersey.
Couple Says Their Privacy Was Violated Inside Their Hoboken Apartment BuildingA New Jersey couple says a call to get something fixed in their apartment ended with some very disturbing footage captured on their surveillance cameras.
Caught On Camera: Woman Takes Package With Little Girl By Her SidePolice are searching for a package thief caught on camera in Hoboken.
Hoboken's E-Scooter Program In Chaos After Just 3 Days, Streets Filled With Riders Breaking Traffic LawsCBS2 cameras caught people riding on the sidewalk, running red lights, and going the wrong way down one-way streets since the program started less than a week ago.
Pedestrian Struck In Hoboken By Car Allegedly Fleeing Previous CrashInitial information suggests the car was involved in a crash on Bloomfield Street and 1st. 
Hoboken, SUEZ Reach Deal To Fix City's Water SystemLast year, the Mile Square City saw 17 water main breaks over the stretch of 65 days.
'Poop Patrol' In Hoboken Means Business -- Dog Owners Who Don't Clean Up Could Face Up To $2,000 FineThe mayor of Hoboken says city officials are going undercover to make sure dog owners and walkers pick up after their pets after they do their business.
Hoboken Keeping Quiet To Avoid Another Messy LepreCon Event This SaturdayOn March 2, Hoboken residents expect the town to get overrun with drunk people dressed as leprechauns along with hundreds of 911 calls.
Statue Of Baby Jesus Back In Church's Manger 87 Years After Being StolenThe baby Jesus was mailed in a box last month to Our Lady of Grace Church. 
Naughty List Gets Longer: 14 Arrests Made During Hoboken's SantaConThey pouted, they cried, they drank Hoboken dry, and now dozens of partiers at New Jersey’s SantaCon are in trouble with the law.