NYC Heat Wave: Doctors Warn Everyone To Be On Alert For Heat ExhaustionDoctors are warning people to take precautions in these sweltering conditions.
NYC Heat Wave: Extra Precautions For Kids At Sports CampOn a super hot day, extra water and supervision are in place to keep kids playing baseball hydrated and safe.
Extreme Heat Has Some People Rethinking Their Weekend PlansIt was raining off and on Thursday, but people in the suburbs are preparing for the heat by rushing to stores to stock up. 
Tri-State Area Residents Fight To Stay Cool As Blazing Heat ReturnsThe air was thick and blazing hot on Thursday, and the heat will not be going anywhere for a while despite a round of storms expected in the evening.
Severe Storms Follow Extreme Heat For Tri-State AreaA severe storm system brought heavy rain and dangerous lightning to the Tri-State Area late Monday, following another day of sweltering heat.
'Heat Dome' Leaves Tri-State Area SwelteringThe ominous sounding weather phenomenon is a bubble of high pressure that sits in the mid atmosphere and pushes warm air to the ground.
Temperature Reaches Record-Breaking 97 Degrees In NYCThe temperature reached 97 degrees in Central Park at 1:38 p.m. Tuesday, beating a record of 93 degrees that was set in 1919, according to the the National Weather Service.
New Jersey Residents, Campers Stay Cool As Temperatures SoarCamp Riverbend in Warren altered its activity and used a combination of water, shade and air conditioning to keep campers safe.
Power Grid Faces Test As Heat, Humidity Rise; Outage Brings Misery, DangerPower outages have become a major concern this week, as Tuesday marks the first in a series of hot days.
Late Summer Scorcher Hits Tri-State Area The calendar may say September, but the weather is behaving like the hottest part of summer.
NYC’s 6 Best Frozen Yogurt ShopsTrendy dessert concoctions come and go, but FroYo is holding strong as one of the most popular desserts in the city, with new shops opening all year round.