Single Mother Describes Frightening Experience Living Through Hurricane DorianNatandra Lewis was holding her 1-month-old son in her parents' house on Grand Bahama Island when Hurricane Dorian came in unlike anything she'd ever seen.
Local Beaches Reopen As Remains Of Hurricane Dorian Head NorthRed warning flags that lined the Jersey Shore, Rockaway Beach and other local ocean spots are coming down as dangerously high winds and massive waves leave the area for Canada.
Surfers Ignore Rip Current Alerts, Head To NYC Beaches Despite Warnings From City OfficialsThe worst of the wind and rain is over, but don’t let that fool you. Dangerous rip currents and rough surf remain.
Hurricane Dorian: NYC Beaches Closed To Swimming, Surfing Due To Rip Current RisksThe National Weather Service expects possible ocean swells up to 10 feet in our area.
NYC Beaches Closed Over Rip Current Threat Caused By Hurricane DorianThat means no swimming and no surfing. Swells of up to 10 feet are expected.
Hurricane Dorian: Category 3 Storm Threatens Georgia, CarolinasThe hurricane is blamed for at least 20 deaths after battering the Bahamas earlier this week.
Hurricane Dorian: Category 2 Storm Churns Toward Florida After Days Of Devastating BahamasHurricane Dorian is blamed for at least seven deaths and 13,000 destroyed homes. Click here for the latest from CBS Miami.
Hurricane Dorian Relief: How You Can Help People, Pets Affected By The StormAs Hurricane Dorian lingers off the East Coast, pummeling the Bahamas and prompting watchful Floridians on stand-by for evacuations, people around the country can provide help now for both humans and animals displaced by the storm.
Hurricane Dorian Lingers Off Florida Coast, Continues To Slam BahamasAs of Tuesday, the storm was down to a Category 3 hurricane battering Grand Bahama Island, the National Hurricane center said. It had been a Category 5.
Tri-State Area Bahamians Fearing The Worst As They Wait For Any News From Hurricane-Devastated IslandsThe images of the damage from the powerful Hurricane Dorian have left friends and families in the New York City area deeply concerned for those in the Bahamas.
North Shore Animal League Serving As Staging Area For Dorian Supply Donations, Destination For Displaced AnimalsFamilies aren't the only ones preparing to flee Hurricane Dorian. Shelters are gearing up for a massive influx of animals displaced by the storm.