‘It’s Taking Away My Life Dream:’ Female Veteran Denied IVF Benefits Because She’s SingleHundreds of military families have had access to fertility treatments in recent years but not all veterans qualify for them, CBS News reports.
A Fertility First: Same-Sex Couple Carries Same BabyA North Texas same-sex couple both wanted to carry their baby and through a special type of in vitro fertilization they were able to.
No-Needle In Vitro Fertilization Offers New Hope To Women Struggling To Become PregnantIn vitro fertilization has proven to be successful for many, but it comes with its own set of anxiety in the form of expensive injections. Now, a new, no-needle IVF treatment is showing promise.
Advances In IVF Testing Spur Debate Over 'Mosaic' EmbryosIt involves testing embryos and implanting those that are considered at least partially genetically abnormal.
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Long Island Parents Reunite To Celebrate In Vitro MiraclesA reunion held on Long Island Tuesday was years in the making – and began even before the honored guests were born.
'Helping Heroes' Program Assisting NJ Military Couples 'Build Families' Through IVF U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Lyzander Jones and his wife, Myesha, have been trying to have a baby for 4 years. They now have new hope thanks to the "Helping Heroes Build Families" program.
SOUND OFF: 53 And Pregnant! How Old Is Too Old?Whether it's a demanding career or the struggle to find Mr. Right, more women are postponing motherhood. Advancements in medicine have made it easier than ever to have children at 40 -- even 50. But pregnancy later in life is not without controversy.
HealthWatch: In Vitro FertilizationUntil now, the thinking with in vitro fertilization has been that implanting several embryos improves the chances of having a baby, but new research shows that’s not always the case.