Black History Month: Rep. Rangel Says He 'Truly Underestimated' Some People's Hatred For ObamaHarlem Representative Charles Rangel has seen it all during his 46 years in Congress.
Congressman Charles Rangel Reflects On 46 Years On Capitol HillHarlem Congressman Charles Rangel is retiring at the end of this year after 23 terms in the House of Representatives.
Black History Month: Advocates Continue To Fight Voter DiscriminationCivil rights organizations say many Americans are losing that hard-won right to vote.
Black History Month: The Untold Stories Of New York City SlavesPlaywright Judy Tate and other black writers created a work called "Unheard Voices" with a message of strength and resiliency.
Black History Month: New Play 'Unheard Voices' Portrays Untold Stories Of SlavesA play inspired by the African burial ground in Lower Manhattan imagines the lives of slaves and free people interred there.
Black History Month: 'Dare To Be Black: The Jack Johnson Story'The man, who in many eyes was the first black international sports celebrity, is also the subject of a play.
Black History Month: The Influence Of Black Lives MatterThe Black Lives Matter movement has unarguably garnered the attention and influence of the public over the last several years.
Black History Month: Documentary Looks At Life Of Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm“I am not the candidate of black America, although I am black and proud,” Chisholm said over 40 years ago.
Black History Month: Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm's 1972 Presidential RunLong before Hillary Clinton, there was Shirley Chisholm.
Black History Month: A Look Inside The Design Of The Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History & CultureLonnie Bunch, the museum’s director, says so much of black history is hidden in plain sight.
Black History Month: Building The Collection For The National Museum Of African American History & CultureOne of the challenges facing Lonnie Bunch, the director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, was building its collection.