Jared Max: Brady Is No Better Than Bonds, A-Rod And ArmstrongTom Brady is starting to remind me of George Costanza. And, Alex Rodrguez, too. And, every athlete and politician who has denied heinous accusations in vehement fashion.
Jared Max: A Modern-Day Baseball Fan’s Dilemma, From The Inside OutWhy is it so difficult to not be suspicious when certain players hit home runs? Do you feel this conflict, too?
Jared Max's Golf Tip: Keep Your Golf Tip To Yourself!Here is my golf tip to golfers: Keep your golf tips to yourselves. After I figure out the basics, I will ask for your help.
Jared Max: To Whom Does The MLB All-Star Game Count?Since 2003, nothing has changed regarding the All-Star Game/World Series home field advantage reward. It remains as illogical as ever.
Jared Max: Gardner Is Simply A Guy You Can't Help But Root Like Crazy ForWhen it comes to the placing of value on playing in an all-star game, Brett Gardner is the anti-Carmelo Anthony.
Jared Max: Fans Are Being WAY Too Hard On Sandy, Terry And The MetsBecause Alderson has conservatively managed the Mets' farm system, he has been able to keep floods at bay.
Review: Still Modern Day Warriors, Rush Rocks Newark And MSGA critical and personal review of Rush’s 40th Anniversary concerts.
Jared Max: Porzingis Is An Inactive Ingredient, Like All Others On Melo's KnicksPhil Jackson tried to placate his pricey player, then announced to the rest of the world that Melo is not the Knicks' franchise. Is change coming? Time will tell.
Jared Max: Major League Hypocrisy! Baseball’s Stance On Gambling Reeks Of InjusticePete Rose's Hall-of-Fame-worthy statistics are legitimate. His bets had no bearing on 4,256 hits.
Jared Max: Pardon Me, But I Have The Summer Sports BluesNinety-nine games left for the Yankees. Ninety-seven for the Mets. Eighty-six days until the NFL season opener.
Jared Max: Viral Texas High School Softball Video Fueled By Typical OverreactionRegarding the prospect of a certain 2 million-hit YouTube video being stuffed down our throats in the sports pages, I have to gag. This is not an issue about sports. It is about parenting.