New York City Contending With New COVID Vaccine Issue: Plenty Of Available AppointmentsFor the first time, thousands of spots have opened up without being immediately claimed. 
'It's The Cheapest, Oldest Medication That We Have': Many Musicians Booking First Live Gigs In A Year At COVID Vaccination SitesFor most of us, life's milestones are marked by a soundtrack. That's why performances are popping up at vaccination sites across the country.
COVID Vaccine In New York: Javits Center Vaccination Site Now Open 24 HoursThe Javits Center is now running around the clock, and the demand is high.
Temporary Hospital At Javits Center Discharges Final PatientsThe Army Corps of Engineers had set up the hospital in March.
'We Hope We've Brought A Little Bit Of Comfort': As USNS Comfort Prepares To Depart, Javits Center Continues To Treat Coronavirus PatientsThe 2,500-bed facility has never been filled to capacity.
Coronavirus Update: Nearly 40 Patients Treated On USNS Comfort Hospital ShipA Navy spokeswoman could not provide the number of patients currently on board, saying it fluctuates too often. 
Coronavirus Update: 22 Patients Treated At USNS ComfortOn Friday, the Department of Defense announced it would be relaxing some of the procedures to get patients to the ship quicker.
Coronavirus: Cuomo's 'Plan B' Seeks 4 More Emergency Hospitals Across NYC's BoroughsThe move comes as Gov. Andrew Cuomo says there still will not be enough hospital capacity to deal with the coronavirus outbreak’s peak.
Coronavirus Update: Cuomo Warns Playgrounds In NYC May Be Shut If People Aren't Using Safe Social Distancing PracticesThe peak of the pandemic in New York is now 14-21 days away, Cuomo said.
Coronavirus Update: Cuomo Says Rate Of Virus Spread Has Increased, 'We're Not Slowing It'The peak of the pandemic in New York is now 14-21 days away, Cuomo said.
Coronavirus Update: Javits Center Switch Into FEMA Hospital Starts This WeekThe set-up of 1,000 field hospital beds all within the massive facility in Hell's Kitchen will take about a week to 10 days.