Capellini: There's No Telling Which Islanders Will Show Up Night To NightThe Islanders are the epitome of consistently inconsistent. One minute they look like a team that can play with anyone. The next, they put a serious strain on their fans' belief system.
Capellini: Road Trip From Hell Doesn't Have To Be Islanders' UndoingThe Islanders are about to embark on the longest road trip in franchise history, a set of nine games that will, for all intents and purposes, determine if they will make the playoffs.
Capellini: Islanders About To Enter The Make-Or-Break ZoneThe rejuvenated Islanders have scratched and clawed their way up the Eastern Conference standings. If they keep this up, they could end up playing in mid-April, something that seemed illogical not all that long ago.
Capellini: Bailey Has His Critics, But Islanders Would Be Lost Without HimIt has taken a lot longer than many expected, but Josh Bailey has finally arrived.
Capellini: Red-Hot Islanders Are Defying Odds, Logic And Off-Ice InsanityGiven their terrible start to the season and the months of sleepwalking that followed, it is simply amazing that the Islanders sit just three points out of a playoff spot with 34 games remaining.
Capellini: Islanders Cannot Let Greiss Get Anywhere Near Free AgencyIn Thomas Greiss they trust. And that should continue for a while longer.
Capellini: Change Is Coming To Lowly Islanders, But Not Real ChangeThe Islanders' season has gotten to the sad stage, the point where the writing seems not only on the wall, but also on the roof, windows and doors. Barring the equivalent of a hockey miracle, this team is going nowhere.
Capellini: Halak, Islanders Both To Blame For Goalie's DemiseRemember the World Cup of Hockey? Jaroslav Halak probably thinks about it a lot, especially now that he has all this time on his hands.
Capellini: Paging Superstar Tavares, The Islanders Desperately Need YouThe Islanders have to have John Tavares being John Tavares. Or else, what's the point?
Capellini: What A Disaster These Islanders Have Turned Out To BeThe Islanders' recent 5-0-1 run turned out to be one heck of a tease.
Capellini: Islanders Finally Appear To Be Getting Their Act TogetherWhen last we met, the Islanders were the worst team in the NHL. They were pretty much dead on arrival no matter the opponent or venue. Not so much anymore.
Capellini: So Much For Snow's Missive, Islanders Have Gotten WorseThe Anaheim Ducks must be kicking themselves right now. They have to be wondering how the hell they lost to the Islanders twice this season.
Capellini: Mr. Ledecky, Where Are 'World Class' Islanders You Promised?It's time for new co-owner Jon Ledecky to put his mouth where his money is. The Islanders are in danger of seeing an entire season disappear before Thanksgiving.
Capellini: Islanders' Self-Inflicted Wounds Are On Snow To FixThe Islanders have been in the news a lot lately, but not for the right reasons.
Capellini: Boychuk's Solid Start Is A Good Sign For Evolving IslandersJohnny Boychuk is off to the kind of start both he and the Islanders desperately needed.