WFAN Morning Show: C-Lo's Update, Yankees Wheeling, Mets Aren't DealingChris Lopresti was ready early Wednesday morning with all of the sound from the Yankees and Mets at the Winter Meetings.
WFAN Morning Show: C-Lo Brings It On A TuesdayChris Lopresti was in the house on Tuesday morning and delivered yet another rock-solid update.
WFAN Morning Show: C-Lo Talks Our Awful NFL TeamsChris Lopresti was back at it Monday morning, delivering an update like only he can.
WFAN Morning Show: Marco Balletti Makes His Update Anchor DebutOur guy Marco Balletti stepped up to the plate Friday morning, filling in admirably for absent update guru Chris Lopresti. Marco is a radio veteran, so he was more than up to the task.
WFAN Morning Show: C-Lo Has A Ton To Talk AboutChris Lopresti showed up on Wednesday ready to get to work. Good thing he did. He had a lot to address.
WFAN Morning Show: C-Lo's Monday Morning UpdateOn Monday morning, Chris Lopresti was tasked with making sense of a busy Sunday in sports. And, as usual, he didn't disappoint.
WFAN Morning Show: Olivier Vernon's Idiocy And C-Lo's UpdateBefore Chris Lopresti was given the stage on Friday morning to flex his update muscles, Boomer took a few minutes to explain why Olivier Vernon's recent comments about NFL anthem protests were foolish.
WFAN Morning Show: C-Lo Talks Knicks' Scare, Nets' WinChris Lopresti did his best Thursday morning to present the latest from across the world of sports, but he couldn't help but get dragged into the ongoing Eli Manning saga.
WFAN Morning Show: McAdoo's Incompetence, NHL RecapChris Lopresti's update on Wednesday morning was slanted heavily towards the Giants, more specifically their now-backup quarterback, Eli Manning.
WFAN Morning Show: C-Lo Serves A Pre-Thanksgiving FeastChris Lopresti was laser-focused Wednesday morning, and it's a good thing he was because he had a lot to update.
WFAN Morning Show: C-Lo's Update Skills On Full DisplayChris Lopresti knocked his update out of the park Tuesday morning, but that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise because he is very good at what he does.
WFAN Morning Show: C-Lo Talks Pigskin, Pucks, Hoops, And MoreChris Lopresti kicked off Thanksgiving week in style by recapping a busy Sunday in New York sports.
WFAN Morning Show: C-Lo Fires Off Some Update GoodnessChris Lopresti got after it early and often Friday morning, because, frankly, this guy just loves giving updates.
WFAN Morning Show: C-Lo Gets Back At ItThere was a lot for Chris Lopresti to get to while handling his update duties on Thursday morning.
WFAN Morning Show: C-Lo Gets It Done On The Update FrontThe games were few Tuesday night, but that didn't stop Chris Lopresti from talking about a little bit of everything during Wednesday morning's update.