Bystander Sues City After Allegedly Burned During Police ChaseThe lawsuit claims Jersey City police failed to safely handle the chase and assaulted him while he was on fire.
Jersey City's Fourth Of July Celebration Gives NYC A Run For Its MoneyBusting out of the shadows of New York City, Jersey City is rocking this Independence Day and giving the Big Apple a run for its money.
Local Newspapers Say Jersey City's Removal Of Streetside Distribution Boxes Violates 1st AmendmentSeveral local papers are outraged after hundreds of newspaper distribution boxes suddenly vanished overnight in Jersey City.
Service Briefly Suspended After NJ TRANSIT Light Rail Train Strikes Car In Jersey CityAuthorities say a train on the NJ TRANSIT Hudson Bergen Light Rail line struck a vehicle near the corner of Van Vorst and Essex Streets.
Jersey City Officials Detail Plans For Moving Katyn MemorialA few dozen protesters repeatedly shouted down Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and Poland's consul general at a news conference Monday.
Deal Reached In Dispute Over Jersey City Statue Marking Polish MassacreAn acrimonious battle in New Jersey over plans to move a waterfront statue commemorating the 1940 massacre of Poles has ended.
Judge Grants Temporary Stay On Plans To Remove Controversial Statue In Jersey CityIt stands in Jersey City, and depicts a scene of violence in an effort to honor fallen soldiers.
Jersey City Debates Whether To Move WWII StatueThe Katyn Memorial has been a fixture in the city for decades, with the ever-changing Manhattan skyline behind it.